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Shell Belle Couture Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t even know where to start when describing the Shell Belle Couture bridal brand. It’s an exquisite, showpiece of excellence, a cornucopia of lingerie detail expertly sewn, and a true paradigm of intimate design. In today’s world held hostage by on-line media the Shell Belle Couture campaign imagery sells its story effortlessly. I can vouch that this is all true because I just saw the new Illusions of Grandeur collection and believe me, it did not disappoint. This is beauty beyond belief, each piece a singular superstar.… Read More

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By ELLEN LEWISShell Belle Couture Bridal Collection Seduce Me nightgown as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I met Michelle Blenkinsopp-Guild, founder of Shell Belle Couture, shortly after she launched her luxury collection in 2010. I was immediately smitten. Her beautiful bridal designs, created in England, are lingerie masterpieces. Composed with European silks, tulles, and leavers laces, they are heirloom pieces that hark back to a time when precious underpinnings were all the rage. I imagine a scene out of The Great Gatsby, where elegance, romance and sensuality collide in a grandiose dream.

Shell Belle Couture Bridal Collection Seduce Me nightgown as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Michelle’s credo to embrace slow fashion and the ethos of “buy once, buy well” is evident in these exquisite wedding designs that cannot be copied by mass production.… Read More

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Other than my own wedding which was so long ago, the details escape my memory, I have only attended one bridal suite pre-wedding regalia. That was recently at my daughter in law’s bequest. There the bride and her attendants, wrapped in specially monogrammed robes, were pampered by makeup artists and hairstylists who morphed them into ladies in waiting. The champagne flowed. mimosas were poured and there was so much food I wondered how they would breathe in their dresses. I must say, as the mother of the groom, I enjoyed the attention, even as I steamed dresses and kept the grooms cadre at bay.… Read More

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By Ellen Lewis


My affair with the Shell Belle Couture Luxury Lifestyle Collection began several years ago when I first discovered the brand at Curve.  The artistry and workmanship that seduced me at the time moved me enough to highlight a few pieces in my show wrap up.  It’s no secret that I have been enamored ever since, writing previous articles about Michelle Blenkinsopp’s exquisite design hand. Handcrafted in England with the finest fabrics, I am continually inspired by these timeless and sensual designs.  Yes, they are the quintessential bridal pieces, but they are much more than that. … Read More

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 Shell Belle Couture Speak Easy silk crepe de chine pajama on Lingerie Briefs
There is always emerging talent percolating in the Intimates market and I watch very carefully to see which labels appear to have “legs”.  I tend to wait to see who survives several seasons, ships on time, develops new product with continuity and has a focused vision with customers returning for more.  Those are the collections I like to highlight, because, in fact, they appear to be establishing themselves as true brands worthy of recognition in the Lingerie arena.  Such is the case with the British based Shell Belle Couture.Read More

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Fashion Lingerie Illustrations of Lise Charmel by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I do. Til death do us part. I pronounce you. I take you. I promise. Happily ever after. Tie the knot. Bliss.

Love and marriage. Spouses, couples, and the ups and downs of matrimony are making the headlines and some big waves. Do you stand by a spouse that encourages and helps orchestrate a government takeover? Do you recuse yourself or better yet resign from the highest court or do you pretend you knew nothing? Maybe you throw her under the bus and try single life for awhile ?… Read More

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Cadolle Lingerie as featured on Lingerie BriefsCadolle

I have decided to split my market report in two parts because the Evolution and Curve NY show, although similar in their color/ print/ and shape reveal, had two very different vibes. To be perfectly honest, timing required that I debrief from the smaller exposition first.  Evolution was a limited array of boutique/ luxury brands portrayed in an intimate space. It started one day earlier than Curve NY, which I will recap next week. Suffice it to say, Curve reinforced the fabric and style stories I saw at Evolution, but it was at Curve, which was a larger exposition, that I learned about emerging Lingerie movements destined for mainline status.… Read More

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