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Shell Belle

The Beauty Is In The Details

Shell Belle Couture

As I was explaining a few days ago, with intimates “it’s all about the details”.  Yes, technical prowess is critical for fit and function, but with Intimate Apparel, it’s the special touches that transform a style into a seductive and elegant art form.  Unlike outerwear, which gets visual support from accessories, shoes, jewelry, even cosmetics, undergarments are constrained by the very fact that they sit so close to the skin and must … Read More

Parisians are not well prepared for snowstorms.  The airport is closed down and the EuroRail was stopped for 2 hours for those en route from London.  The streets are still coated with an icy mush: plows and shovels probably don’t go with the French aesthetic.  This wintry weather is very auspicious. How coincidental that the major theme of this year’s Salon De Lingerie is “Ice Land”, the main message at the Fall 2013 Trend Forum.… Read More

By Aimee Guthinger

Destination weddings have increasingly become more popular.  They offer a combination of wedding and vacation all wrapped in to a seminal event not just for the bridal party, but their guests as well. It is not unusual that lately I have been hearing from brides to be who are choosing romantic destinations to stage their events.  The idea evokes images of soft sandy beaches, picture perfect horizons and the caress of warm … Read More

Intimate Honeymoon Desserts

By Aimee Guthinger

Temptations from your own custom lingerie dessert cart

It’s a matter of fact that Brides visiting my lingerie boutique on Cape Cod will often find themselves talking about their wedding plans.  As a former wedding planner, I think I’ll never lose my curiosity about the next big event!  So, when I found myself chatting with a bride earlier this summer about her menu, I was delighted to hear something that, to me, … Read More

By Morgan O’Neill

When I was young and highly impressionable I was seduced by the idea of heroism.  I fell in love with the notion of being a hero, with saving the day. Like every other child of the fifties I was there when Superman came to comic book life to save Metropolis and Lois Lane from evil doers. Yet, in spite of Superman’s heroic deeds, there was always something inaccessible about him.  Maybe he … Read More

By HELEN MASTERS ~ London Briefs

Pure Chemistry British Brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve never been known for being in the right place at the time – I missed Super Saturday at the iconic 2012 London Olympics, was out of the country at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and have never been able to get membership to Mahiki…  However, recently for possibly the first time in my life I have found myself in exactly the right place at exactly the right time – … Read More

Today Paris feels like the Paris I know; temperate weather that beckons you to outdoor cafes and city parks. Of course, I spent most of my day ensconced at the show digging deeper for ideas that were worthy of bringing home. I spent some time at Interfiliere, the major fabric exposition that is a destination for lingerie and swim designers worldwide. This show was more robust than in January. Major themes dominated: Charmed, Enchanted and Read More

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