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Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsInspired by Art Deco handicrafted creations, Lise Charmel’s Dressing Floral is an ensemble of refined lingerie pieces for women looking for a chic and timeless style. The exclusive floral design motifs are implemented in Guipure style, which gives the contours a cut-out effect on a tattoo effect background. Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsThe collection includes 5 gorgeous bra shapes from Strapless to Full Cup and 6 panty styles, plus a seductive Suspender Belt. New this fall, gorgeous devoré silk Chemise is added to the group. Coordinated full-figure styles are available in the Eprise collection. Contemporary elegance for all women who adore guipure. Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsAll styles of the best selling, Dressing Floral haute couture line are characterized by the richness of the guipure finishes and the finesse of the tattoo.
Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsDressing Floral colors include: Gris Céleste, summer white, dressing rose, amber nude and deep black… plus and Lise Charmel is enriching the line with a new, luminous ruby shade “Dressing Solaire”. (See Ellen Lewis’ recent piece on this exciting new color in the Dressing Floral range.)Coming soon - Lise Charmel Dressing Floral in ruby shade “Dressing Solaire” featured on Lingerie BriefsWith the upcoming Fall 2018 addition of “Dressing  Solaire”  (red),  the  line  is  sure  to  be  spectacular  in  boutique  or  window  displays.  Elegant  combinations  are  possible  with  the  “Gris  Céleste”  color,  or the  black  lace  items  from  the  “Résille  Lotus” line  for  highly  seductive  sets.  This  timeless  guipure  universe  will  delight  highly demanding  women  with  impeccable taste.Fall 2018 - Lise Charmel Dressing Floral in ruby shade “Dressing Solaire” featured on Lingerie Briefs
Lise Charmel was the first lingerie brand to design styles in this stunning material, still with its own exclusive motif.

Modern and elegant and so very French, this is a spectacularly beautiful collection!

True Blue ~ Lise Charmel

Matisse Cut Outs from the MOMA as seen on Lingerie Briefs

On my very first trip to France at the age of 18, I went to a Matisse exhibit at the Grand Palais and saw the painters Cut-Outs. Stunned by the symbiosis of simplicity and complexity revealed in this medium, I spent my paltry travel budget on a large poster of The Blue Nude. I was intrigued by the artist’s perfect application of shape to a space and realized the way the color blue, a key element in many of these pieces, created a calming balance to a basic form. The poster remained with me for many years, traveling into the early years of my marriage, after which, I passed it on to my daughter.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Lingerie collection in Dressing Blue as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Comparing a master’s art to Lise Charmel lingerie is certainly not a new approach for me. So I have no apologies for my correlation of Matisse’s Blue Cut Outs to the brand’s iconic Dressing Floral group in Dressing Blue, a rich indigo hue.  Recently launched at retail it accentuates the brand’s extraordinary artistry by using exclusive floral guipure to create a cut out effect. Complex in its application, the embroidery result is bold yet effortless. This 16 piece collection of 6 bras, 6 panty shapes and 4 lounge pieces has grown in importance since its launch several seasons ago.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Lingerie collection in Dressing Blue as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Covering sizes 30-38, A-F cups and XL – XXXL, Dressing Floral has become an integral part of luxury lingerie inventories as well as a collectible for Lise Charmel fans.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Lingerie collection in Dressing Blue as seen on Lingerie Briefs

“A Certain Blue Enters Your Soul” Henri Matisse


Lingerie – The Ultimate Gift ?? (TIP To Male Readers: This Column Will Solve All Your Gift Buying Headaches! )

Holiday Season in England

My recent columns have explored the themes of love and relationships and of course the difference between US and UK lingerie tastes. They have sparked some interesting comments and debate which inspired me for this next column to look into how the approach to the traditional gift season that is soon to be upon us varies between the UK and the US and, in the spirit of keeping all partnerships happy this Xmas, to unveil my top tips for lingerie gifts this season both sides of the Atlantic.

Holiday season in NYC

So how does our attitude to Gift Season vary?

Well, all I can say is ‘Ooh to be Stateside this time of year!’  Halloween, Thanksgiving , Xmas and New Year’s and then of course Valentine’s are all major celebrations and great gift opportunities. We Brits could learn a thing or two from our US cousins on the subject of generous gifting – quite frankly with only one major gift opportunity (Xmas) plus the odd lacy number at Valentine’s, we are jealous or as they say in Essex (quite near London actually) ‘Well jeal’!

Interestingly, lingerie and nightwear are high on the list of ‘most sought’ and ‘most bought’ gifts in both countries but the lack of multiple Holiday Season gift occasions means UK consumers lose out with the average American spending $935 on gifts in the holiday season versus £400 ($535) spent by the average Brit. So, it pays to be in the States at this time of year!

As a lingerie aficionado, I was interested to find out if there are any other differences between our holiday season purchasing patterns – as I have explored in recent columns, there is a definite difference in lingerie tastes between both countries with our US cousins favouring more conservative, practical styles, and a stronger demand for sexier design-led styles in the UK, usually in brighter colours. I was keen to see if this led to differences in gift tastes too so off I went to do a little bit of research into the subject among the major lingerie gift buyers at this time of year – men!

What I found was that male lingerie gift buyers on both sides of the pond are actually surprisingly similar and that there are some common traits of lingerie gift buyers which appear to be universal.  So to celebrate the season of male lingerie purchasing I decided to undertake some research into the most common Lingerie Purchaser Personalities (LPPs) in the UK and US. What I discovered hopefully makes for a fun and informative read – see if you can spot yourself or your partner!

Mr Hand Holder – nervous and a bit twitchy, often known to hide behind mannequins in embarrassment – but his heart is in the right place and good on him for taking the plunge to buy her underwear! One thing my years on the sales floor have taught me is that it’s worth plucking up the courage as ladies love a lingerie gift!

Mr Knows His Stuff – at the opposite end of the spectrum to Mr Hand Holder, he is confident, has bought lingerie for partners successfully before and strides in store with an air of casual, comfortable expertise. He’s known for favouring silk and prestigious brand names but doesn’t always know as much as he thinks, so actually a little help (in the form of big hints) can go a long way, especially if you want a gift that is a little bit more different this year!

Mr Brow Beaten Blokehe’s had it hammered home that he must buy her favourite range, in her favourite balcony style (no plunges please) in a 32ff in a practical skin tone & woe betide he gets it wrong! He’s done ‘experimental’ in the past and got it badly wrong so, with fingers burned, he now sticks firmly to the rules! But the formula works….

Mr Last Minute Manit’s 4pm on Christmas Eve and he has precisely 30 minutes to complete all his shopping before he hits the pub. Cue something black, sexy and 2 sizes too small – but hey, he always gets a gift receipt!

Mr Perfect Partnerhe does his homework, finds out her size, knows the sort of thing she likes but is prepared to put his own twist on it (with some professional guidance of course!) he strives to find a gift that is the best of both worlds – he wants to see her in it, she wants to wear it! And not a too-small -thong in site! He is our guru – and if you want to know how to be him – read on!

Ring any bells? I have discovered over the years that these examples exist in both countries, and of course the gifts they choose will vary. Here’s my lowdown of the top lingerie gifts for each Lingerie Purchaser Personality, whether you are US or UK based – there is something to suit every personality type and every pocket!

Perfect for Hand HoldersSomething safe yet elegant and a choice that any woman should like:

Luxury loungewear or nightwear styles are perfect for Hand Holders. My favourites this season include:

Marjolaine as featured on Lingerie BriefsMarjolaine’s classic silk and lace negligees, known for their bright and bold hues & currently available in teal or prune – stunning!

Olivia von Halle featured on Lingerie BriefsOlivia von Halle’s Peregrine pyjamas & Queenie robe for up to the minute prints (flamingos!!) & luxury fabrics

Marie Jo’s Agatha loungewear as featured on Lingerie BriefsMarie Jo’s Agatha loungewear for that soft, snuggly feeling

Prima Donna’s Soiebelle nightdress featured on Lingerie Briefs

Nui Ami featured on Lingerie Briefs

For full cup elegance, Prima Donna’s Soiebelle nightdress (you could actually wear it on the town!) & Nui Ami’s stunning cup sized silk negligees – loving this season’s Bordeaux shade!

Perfect for Mr Knows His Stuff only the best will do, so it’s the top brands, most sumptuous fabrics or sexiest looks, try:

La Perla as featured on Lingerie Briefs

La Perla – the signature line Maison, known the world over was my Christmas staple, as a lingerie retailer, for years & never fails to impress, a truly iconic lingerie range that every woman must own at some point !

Andres Sarda’s Megeve setas featured on Lingerie Briefs

However, why not try and tempt her with something lesser known but just as good this year? Andres Sarda’s Megeve set in the finest black lace

Palndrome as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Palindrome’s daring Kitty Chemise in black or supremely sexy double push up bra in dusty coral

NiMode as featured on Lingerie Briefs

NK Imode’s Odessa negligee in scarlet  all have the ultimate wow factor!

Perfect for Mr Brow Beatenit might at first glance sound a bit (dare I say it) boring & practical but getting her the gift that is exactly what she asked for (with every detail correct down to the style of knickers and exact shade of beige) feels like the perfect gift for Mr Brow Beaten – he won’t get it wrong if he sticks to the rules. But remember, you can always add a little twist on an old favourite to glam it up for gift season, try:

Marie Jo as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Marie Jo’s cool khaki green shade for an up to the minute take on the classic Avero style

Aubade as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Aubade’s sexy yet endlessly wearable Nudessence in the fabulous fauve colourway – roar!!

Perfect for Mr Last Minute Mannormally the one to bag something black or red in any size at all (and I have known him to pay for it with his partner’s credit card!), with a bit of help Mr Last Minute Man can still get it right and be in and out of the store in record time. These hot little numbers fit the bill:

Bordelle as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Bordelle as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Bordelle’s sexy-for-all skin toes lingerie sets and divine diva dress in sexy scarlet

Pleasure State as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Pleasure State’s divine couture lingerie set in scarlet

Mimi Holliday as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Mimi Holliday’s Liplace for a fun festive gift

Marie Jo as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Marie Jo’s Eirin in can’t -go -wrong black

Aubade Vierge as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Aubade’s stunning Verge set – proving that red can be seductive and classy at the same time

Lise Charmel as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel’s classic guipure lace set , Dressing Floral ( A Christmas staple for high end lingerie retailers ) – in festive red

Perfect for Mr Perfect Partnerhe knows his thongs from his boy shorts or if not, knows who to ask ! He seeks a Best of Both world’s gift – wearable, a great fit and looks amazing so you both enjoy it. These fail safes are top of Mr Perfect’s gift list:

Lise Charmel as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel’s stunning Acante Arty in a divine yet practical pastel pink for every day elegance

Empreinte as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Empreinte as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Empreinte’s classics – Cassiopee in fusion or Melody in Paradis, this season’s stunning take on lingerie that’s loved by women the world over

Prima Donna as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Prima Donna’s sensual Baboushka , the perfect balance of sexy and suitable!

Happy Holidays as they say in the US & of course, Happy Gifting!


Hot UK Lingerie Brand:  Coco de Mer




Party season is soon to be upon us and every party outfit needs good quality lingerie as the foundation. But what about combining your underwear and your outfit int one? The ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend that I featured in my review of the London Lingerie Shows goes from strength to strength and there is no better time than party season to embrace it! Coco de Mer’s Ametrine Bodysuit is my current favourite take on this trend.

Check it out now at or pop into the store at 23 Monmouth Street, London WC2H 9DD.

HOT UK Lingerie Retailer: Tallulah Lingerie

Celebrating its 15th birthday this month, this Islington based boutique is a lingerie gem.
Owner Nicola, prides herself on a unique approach to lingerie shopping. She says: ‘Lingerie is an intimate matter and our customers love coming in for a fitting for that special boudoir experience.  With gorgeous new collections coming in on a regular basis, we keep our lovely customers excited about lingerie and offer an ordering service should we for some reason not have the ideal lingerie in stock.’ A passion for beautiful lingerie coupled with frustration over not finding quality pieces that fit well were the impulse for launching Tallulah. We work with many different brands from well-established French designers to the more independent houses, they stock everything from dreamy delicate lace and silk to everyday lingerie. From a lingerie emergency for a special dress to foundations for a bridal fitting, Tallulah can make magic happen. Visit the store when you are next in London at 65 Cross Street London N1 2BB  UK or shop online at

Featured UK Brand of the Moment: MAGIC BodyFashion
Magic Bodyfashion ~ featured in The Spotlight offers several gift items this holiday season




Cool Burst by Adolf Gottlieb at Christies on Lingerie BriefsMy first exciting encounter with the color red was at an Adolf Gottlieb art retrospective at the Whitney Museum when I was 18. Gottlieb’s Burst series changed my perspective on Abstract Expressionism. As I stood transfixed before these canvases covered with dramatic gestures and careful brushstrokes, I understood the duality of purpose he wished to convey. These paintings were alive, pulsating with intent and full of emotion. They were empowering.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral collection in Red on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t know exactly why the Lise Charmel brand so often evokes art memories such as this for me. It is not just the technical expertise for which this French Lingerie Atelier is known. Maybe it is in the embodiment of the design process; the way each style relays a message that goes far beyond the obvious. With Lise Charmel, there is always a thought provocative story that inspires the collection. I love discussing this with Sandra Jones, the U.S. Director of The Lise Charmel Group. This month we decided to zero in on the new addition of dressing solaire (the color RED) to the bestselling “Dressing Floral” collection. As soon as I reviewed these pieces, Gottlieb’s red and black Burst paintings came to mind. Lise Charmel’s red, a ‘true red’ can actually be substituted for a ‘nude’.  Although not true for all underwear in this bright hue, this version, because of its blue undertones, disappears under clothes. That makes it a viable basic, which it has become. The duality of purpose, to function as well as impassion, is the hallmark of the Lise Charmel and Eprise mission. Coupling this with the exclusive guipure embroidery and lace appliqued on devoré silk, it’s pretty difficult to deny the charisma of this color. These styles ranging in sizes XS – XXL and 32 – 40, B-H cups capture a dichotomy of moods, sensual, seductive, and serious. The entire assortment will be showcased on the next Lise Charmel Spotlight, so stay tuned.

“There is a Shade of Red for Every Woman” Audrey Hephurn

gossamer spider webs on Lingerie Briefs

Several weeks ago, even though I told them not to bother, Lise Charmel sent me a gorgeous bra from their number one best-selling collection, Dressing Floral. Frankly, I am beastly to fit; it is rare that a delicate looking bra could support me through one of my 12 hour work days. This style is so precious; it reminds me of an ethereal spider web. Like a web, it is difficult to account for its ability to trap and contain an insect’s weight, sometimes twice its size.  But I do know that the tensile weight of spider silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much more elasticity. So, I tried it on, partly because they asked me to, partly because wearing a Lise Charmel design has been a fantasy of mine since I first became ensconced in the lingerie business and also because, frankly, it’s exquisite. The fine guipure applied to a gossamer mesh surface produces a tattoo effect embracing the breast. Still, I was not convinced on sustainability, much less enduring comfort. So, I gave it my grandma test, wearing it all day while playing with my grandson, who, by the way, I often refer to as my “little bug”.

Lise Charmel Guipure Charming Bra on Lingerie Briefs

I probably should have known better than to question the esteemed Lise Charmel atelier and their renowned reputation for excellence in bra engineering. The Dressing Floral collection is as strong as any spider web.  This was proven to me not only in the actual wear-test, but also when Sandra Jones, US Manager of the Lise Charmel Group, convinced me to run my fingernails over the cups attempting to snag the airy surface. Obviously, I did not succeed. Like any product worth its weight in gold, this bra, available in 30-44, A-H cups proves how beauty with technical aptitude can so easily control the beast.

“Poetry Is A Fresh Morning Spider-Web Telling A Story Of Moonlit Hours
Of Weaving And Waiting During A Night” ~Carl Sandburg


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