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Aubade swimwear on Lingerie BriefsAubade

The summer Lingerie Shows, such as Curve, are replete with swimwear brands. Many of the companies that have established Intimate Apparel businesses are equally adept in swimsuit development. Take, for example Freya,  Elomi,  Fantasie, Rosa Faia, Lise Charmel, Antigel, Empreinte and Aubade to name a few. Labels well respected for their unique style are developing and launching successful swimwear collections regularly. Skin Lingerie comes to mind. And, as hybrid dressing continues its march into the modern wardrobe, we will see more and more newcomers to this market.… Read More

Silent Arrow

Seasonal trends, as we know them, are over.  That is not to say, that there are not design messages. It’s simply that these messages overlap, moving fluidly between key intimate and RTW classifications; blurring boundaries.  Leggings become pants, Robes become jackets, Bodysuits and bras become blouses. And Pajamas go everywhere. Concepts Paris calls this Hybrid dressing.  It is a perfect definition of the evolution (revolution) occurring in a woman’s wardrobe. Mixing design elements, once a noisy fashion statement, is now “The Trend”.  It makes perfect sense.… Read More

Untitled-28Chantelle & Cadolle

The Salon de la Lingerie is a large venue anchored by key French foundation brands and surrounded by labels with global distribution though not necessarily in North America. There is a great deal of showmanship. Lingerie is showcased as art. It can be very inspirational. For my part, the messages were not all that new, but they were there in force. The two standouts for me were the importance of loungewear and the prevalence of sexy lingerie.

Untitled-1Aubade Paris & Maison Close

Loungewear has always held a large position at Salon, because the Europeans have been incorporating easy casual dressing into their Intimate retail assortments for years.… Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:   Leg Dressing, Leg Art

When I was a  hosiery buyer (in a past life), it was all about pantyhose:  Stockings were a business to accommodate my grandmother’s generation.  Not anymore.   That’s why I was really pleased when, recently, I had a chance to review the StockinGirl line, a quality leg-wear brand so diverse, that the assortment can accommodate any occasion, year round.  But it was the trendy variations that this collection offers in its Stocking and Stay Up designs that really peaked my interest. … Read More

The Gift

It’s November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving, the start of the holiday season and my 30th wedding anniversary.  It’s a big gift giving time of year, but somehow, the whole process has become a chore.  Time has erased the need to own “things”.  Experience has taught me that a true gift is a rare luxury; a combination of thought, pleasure and emotion.  A great gift is not only a joy to receive but a delight to give.  It is the birth of a beautiful memory. … Read More

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