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I saw Lise Charmel’s current bridal collection several weeks ago in Paris. And as one would expect, it is exquisite. This acclaimed French atelier, renown for their handwork with beautiful Calais levers laces and delicate guipure, has always represented, to me, the luxury go to brand for wedding lingerie. Notice the incredibly detailed execution of the embroidery and lace.  Now they have introduced a new collection, Dressing Floral which  utilizes their expertise with guipure and applies it to a delicate tulle net that seems almost transparent on the silk fabric.… Read More


Spring 22 Fashion Trends as defined by Mint Moda and featured on Lingerie Briefs

For every creative human, the spark of imagination is as precious as a breath of air or a gulp of water. We are inspired by many aspects of our being via all our senses. Some of the strongest sources of inspiration for me have always been people, their creativity, and their uniqueness. Looking back at the passing year and remembering its brightest highlights, I extend my gratitude to the brilliant designers who began the process of imaginative transformation, who inspired and motivated millions of creators all over the world. Read More

Lise Charmel ~ Lady in Red

Lise Charmel Tellement Glamour Collection in Red as feature on Lingerie Briefs

When a lady wears red, she is making a statement. “Red is the color of heightened emotion, strength, and power. It’s invigorating, intimidating, and it’s never boring” This month Lise Charmel delivers its Tellement Glamour Collection, a 15-piece arsenal of RICH RED lingerie that embodies the brands reputation for beautifully crafted intimates that are sexy, sophisticated, and incredibly glamourous.

Lise Charmel Tellement Glamour Collection in Red as feature on Lingerie Briefs

True to Lise Charmel’s legendary design acumen, these pieces are intricately engineered with attention to details that are not only exclusive but also exquisite. Each style incorporates a combination of embroidery backed by a delicate mono strand tulle.… Read More


Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A margarita can be very inspiring, two of them can really get the lime juices flowing.  I was at my local “Cheers” for only the second time in 13 months, Santa Fe. Not the city but the Mexican bar and restaurant on 71rst street and Columbus Avenue in NYC.  It was the most glorious evening and I had not quite dealt with the fact that I had no subject for my next blog, when Laura Bird one of the managers, came over to our outdoor table to chat for the first time in a long time… we started to talk about life and business, as they are two very different things.… Read More

Something beautiful is blooming at Maison Lejaby this Spring. The Belrose Collection, in a soft lily print, replicates the iconic Miss Lejaby best-selling shape and fit. Captured in 4 key styles, these pieces are a beautiful floral addition to the Maison Lejaby Lingerie Garden.

Using a French semi rigid lace for the bras and a very supple stretch jacquard lace for the panties, these designs are trimmed with an openwork elastic that amplifies the light, airy feel and look of these Spring 2020 intimates.

Addressing different body needs, the underwire bra is available 32-40, B-E, while the soft cup accommodates 32-36, A-C.… Read More


A few years ago I was sitting in my living room waiting for the Golden Globes to kickstart the awards season. I had just gotten a new iPad, the big one that you can draw on with ease. I was watching the Red Carpet entrances and for some inexplicable reason I attempted to draw my favorites dresses the moment they came out. It was tricky until I figured out I could take a pic with my phone, sketch, and then take a pic, sketch, take a pic, as my memory wasn’t what it used to be.… Read More

Luxury lingerie with a fit-focus in large cup & small band sizes 26-38, D–HHKatherine Hamilton British Luxury Lingerie 'Abrielle' featured on Lingerie Briefs

Katherine Hamilton is a British luxury lingerie brand that specialises in larger cups and smaller bands. Boasting 54 sizes from 26-38, D-HH, it combines luxury materials such as silks and French lace with superior technical fit and comfort.

Katherine Hamilton’s designs create the illusion of effortless beauty. Hidden beneath the delicate, fine fabrics are years of expert technical research and development that has culminated in the brand’s trademark shape: forward projection and lift with a rounded silhouette.… Read More

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