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In this Lingerie Pictorial we praise Eros, the winged warrior of love. After a tumultuous year of isolation and discord, we celebrate life with these images of a woman in all her sumptuous beauty. Passionate about her future and flush with desire she is a little bit naughty and just enough nice. The world is reopening, and a unique new energy has begun to surface as brands seek a balance between sensuality and sensibility. In this photo editorial, Stephanie shares her perspective on this emerging vitality.… Read More

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Empreinte bra details Kate as featured on Lingerie BriefsKate

In early March as the world shut down, we, at Lingerie Briefs, decided to reach out to the Intimate Apparel market and create a Lingerie Portfolio for any brand choosing to participate. On May 27th and June 4th, we published a two-part photo series that included 26 companies. Without the accoutrements of a traditional shoot, Stephanie Hynes shot the selected styles in her home as still life images. Our vision was to capture the character of each piece and celebrate the DNA of each brand.… Read More

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by DEEDEE CROSLANDStephanie Hynes, fashion photographer audio interview on Lingerie BriefsHi Guys! We are so happy to be back here at Audio Briefs with our new podcast name ‘The Naked Point of View’, highlighting incredible and creative entrepreneurial women like we are today! Stephanie Hynes, (a Lingerie Briefs columnist – ‘Lingerie Photography Studio), is an international commercial and fashion photographer who specializes in narrative images featuring female protagonists. Her aesthetic captures a sensual, painterly nature of her fine-art based work. On this podcast, listen to Stephanie talk how a childhood passion aided in building her successful career today, her inspiration process on how she creates impactful, strong yet feminine story telling in her photo shoots and her amazing experience working for Vogue and at Prince’s home!… Read More

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A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Exclusive images of the Rya Collection photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, photographer Stephanie Hynes was commissioned by the lovely Flora Backer, founder and creative head of the Rya Collection to shoot her spring 2019 Look Book. Perfect timing as far as I am concerned; we are on the cusp of the 2018 bridal season and fresh from last weekend’s royal wedding obsessiveness. Flora, who launched her new brand at retail in the fall of 2017, is a favorite of mine. I followed her delicate hand for years while she spearheaded the original Flora Nikrooz brand.… Read More

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An Ode to Color

Photographed by STEPHANIE HYNES

Hanky Panky photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsHanky Panky

In this present, passing and who knows what’s next new world order, joyful expectations are on every agenda. It’s crystal clear with the explosion of color everywhere in the market. Now on the cusp of Valentine’s Day, we decided to present this story as an ode to love. Just as the artist’s muse inspires creativity, lingerie designers have used color to send a powerful message of hope for Spring 22.

Commando photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsCommando

Empreinte Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte

Lise Charmel Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsLise Charmel

Kilobrava Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsKilobrava

Ccupp Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsCuup

Simone Perele Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsSimone Perele

Samantha Chang Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsSamantha Chang

Montelle Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsMontelle

Fleurt Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsFleur’t

Anita Swimwear photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsAnita Since 1886 Swimwear

Photographer & Creative Direction: Stephanie Hynes
Model: Rachel Spencer
Hair/Makeup Artist & Original Drawings: Jas Doyle
Retouching & Photo Assistant: Chelsea Marrin

 See More Photography by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsRead More

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The Resilient Woman

Photographed by STEPHANIE HYNES

On Gossamer Photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsOn Gossamer

Last Fall, as the Pandemic was rounding its 3rd quarter of consumer chaos, Stephanie and I decided that it might be nice to offer the brands a New Years editorial, our treat. Response was positive, but access to samples presented a challenge. We were ok with this as the market message of “Back to Basics” was clear.  We could really use whatever was on hand. We hired models, secured a studio, and set a December shoot plan and then, Covid began to crest.… Read More

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Clo Intimo as featured on Lingerie BriefsClo Intimo

I have had multiple conversations with specialty stores during this time during the Coronavirus lock-down. The out of the box initiatives they have launched to ignite their businesses are inspiring. The ability to rethink how to move forward has impacted us all. Attitudes are changing. New perspectives are emerging. This is exactly what we have tried to achieve with our two part ‘Still Life’ Lingerie Editorial. Stephanie Hynes, who shot these images, was challenged to capture the essence of these  styles in her home without any of the requisite photographic tools.… Read More

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