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Fashion Illustration of Cardi B n Playful Promises Swimwear by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I want to pay tribute to women who are unapologetic: women who make no excuses for their size and shapes, no excuses for their curves, and no excuses for the weight, the height, and the color of their bodies. I remember when I used to watch entertainers on television or movies and a woman would appear who wasn’t a size 4 and I’d think to myself “she … Read More


Shock Absorber Sports Bra illustrated for Lingerie Briefs by Tina Wilson

New year, new beginnings…. or so I am hoping. Hope… that is a good way to start the year, and I have consulted my horoscope for glimmers of such hope.  Apparently, this is the year of choice for myself and my Scorpio comrades. Does that mean I get to choose a new president, please pretty please? Can I choose not to pay taxes? Can I choose the … Read More

Holiday Lingerie Love


Holiday Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa,‘tis the season.  It is the season for us to remember that tolerance is a virtue, no matter who or what you worship, if you worship at all.  I will not attempt to make a logical connection between lingerie and religion. What I will do instead is showcase some beautiful holiday self purchases, gifts and stocking stuffers. There is a lot of beautiful merchandise out … Read More


THE FRENCH LINGERIE LOFT show, presented by Lingerie Francaise, was cozy, even quaint and it was a pleasant contrast to all the trade shows and fairs normally held in big cold spaces. I walked up the stairs after entering on Bleecker street and was greeted to a demonstration by Caudalie, the French skin care brand. Women were sitting around a big white wooden table sampling and applying … Read More



 Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson of Barney's NY fur slide exclusively for Lingerie Briefs

“Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!” …this phrase popped in my head as I was walking home recently. The abundance of animal prints on the streets is stunning. I have taken to stealing pics of women wearing animal prints on their shoes, on their leggings, their blouses, dresses and scarves while wondering if the animal kingdom thrives in what lies beneath.

I was in Barneys recently … Read More

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