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Being A Good Sport Bra


Chantelle Sports Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

We all have to admit the retail world is topsy turvy and what should be… isn’t. Almost nothing surprises us anymore.  Which leads me to my current observation about sport bras.  Technically they are meant to be worn while being “sporty” and the attention they are being given would have me conclude that there are millions of sporty women buying these bras, but I have a slightly different take on it.  I believe many of these bras are purchased with the best of intentions, there are millions of women who aspire to be more active and that’s a good thing, I am one of those women, but I am not as active as I would like to be and when I buy a sport bra I don’t always wear it enough to warrant the purchase…So let’s look at them in a different way.

Let’s also design sport … ...Read more


Simone Perele illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs from Curvexpo

A trio of floating butterflies on each strap…
A statement of profanity worn with pride…
Bits of tulle and lace, raw and exposed and dripping from the frame of the bras…
Multicolored paillettes dangling from a bomber jacket…
Long mesh skirts with laser cut applique flowers….
The details were many, as were the number of vendors vying for attention.

I mean this in the most complementary way; being a designer I have the utmost admiration for the talent and artistry that was on display at Curve recently during a few warm muggy weeks in NYC.

Ellipse illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

There were quite a few notable new brands.  Some were eclectic with combinations of lace, guipure, mesh, and prints like Ellipse, a brand out of South America that had everything from bras to kimonos.  They had no defining brand identity but they did not need one, everything that hung from their … ...Read more

One Legging at A Time


Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

I ADORE LEGGINGS! They can be a dresses’ best friend or a t-shirt’s worst nightmare.  When I first started wearing leggings way back in the day when hair was poufy and high; they came in one length, they had no tummy control, they couldn’t heat you up or cool you down and they had no pockets.  The only holes in them were caused by your thighs rubbing together and they mostly came in Black.  Leggings were supposedly not worn by the ‘fashionable’ crowd and mocking someone for wearing them outside of the gym was not uncommon.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

Fast forward to today and you have a 500+ person wait list for Bandier’s Ultracor Star Legging. I must admit while I think they are fun, I am a bit baffled, especially at a price tag of just under 200$.  I love all things Stella McCartney and her Adidas collection is … ...Read more


Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson on Lingerie BriefsI believe by the turn of this century there will no longer be categories of clothing, no sportswear, no intimates, no outerwear, we will have 7 articles of clothing, period …I will be dust by then and it’s probably just as well but in the meantime I will happily prepare for the inevitable and so should any forward thinking designer or retailer of apparel.

hy•brid (ˈhaɪ brɪd) n.

1. the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, or species, esp. as produced
through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics.

2. a person produced by the interaction or crossbreeding of two unlike cultures, traditions, etc.

3. anything derived from unlike sources, or composed of disparate or incongruous elements; composite.

Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

My current fascination is the garment hybrid, I see the makings of them everywhere, I am constantly compiling photos of innocent strangers, wearing innovative and sometimes … ...Read more

Summer Whites


Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

As much as I am loving the summer, I’m rather looking forward to Fall and all it brings…but wait not so fast.  Let’s talk about the color white, this is the best time of year to wear it, whether it be a crisp cool shirt or an off the shoulder ruffled top (wish I had a dollar for every one of those I see on the street) or anything in crinkled gauze embroidery.  It’s also about to get thoroughly nasty, clammy and exceptionally smelly here in NYC as we approach August, I can feel it and as incongruous as it is to wear white in that scenario, it really does keep you cool and it gives the perception of being clean and put together.

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

With white comes a few old rules that seem archaic now, one being you must wear nude underwear when wearing white.  And yes … ...Read more

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