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Jean Philippe Lebee, photographer as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It should come as no surprise that I truly appreciate a good photo campaign when it comes to enjoying a lingerie brand.  In fact, it’s often the first step in grabbing my attention, and I highly value the way it sets the tone and feel for what the designer is intending to convey.  The posts I create for this Gallery are all driven by beautiful images; editorial-style campaigns that make me feelRead More


LIVY Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

This post could have been much longer if I shared every item from LIVY that I fell in love with, so I limited myself to pieces from the past year.  Just when I would spot one bra that had gorgeous detailing in the front, I would see an image of its stunning detail in the back…so much to enjoy!  No detail is overlooked with this French luxury lingerie label, which is inspired … Read More


SIR The Label as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’m not sure whether it’s the Spring weather or so much talk of Coachella, but these breezy cotton pieces from SIR the Label are really speaking to me lately! Many of you know this cult Australian label as a ready-to-wear and separates brand, but it also has a lovely selection of intimates, many of which work so well as outerwear (just take a look at the images in this post). Established in … Read More


The Order as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Probably the last words anyone would use to describe my style would be “edgy” or “rock n roll”, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciation aesthetics outside my personal style.  In fact, because edgy doesn’t come naturally to me, I have an extra appreciation for those who can capture it. That brings us to The Order.  The Order is self-described as a “jet-black, rebellious and compelling” collection for femme fatales that … Read More

On Pointe ~Just a Corpse


Just A Corpse luxury leisure and bodywear brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

I have a soft spot for lingerie that is dance-inspired…and Just A Corpse hit the target!  This high-end leisure and body-wear brand clearly draws its inspiration from dance and fashion, and the result is a sensual collection of designs that are meant for movement.  No stiff underwire or constricting garments here.  Just think, if you can move any which way wearing Just a Corpse, imagine how well you can relax in it! … Read More


Kana Matsunami as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Kana Matsunami is a sensual, imaginative lingerie and ready-to-wear brand based in Tokyo, Japan that recently made its debut at Salon International de la Lingerie.  At the Paris show, the eponymous label unveiled a special collaborative collection of airy intimates with Parisian lingerie designer Veronique Moriez (known for her work with Chantelle Paris) for summer 2019.  Using delicate French materials, the current season is a fresh combination of transparent iridescent tulle, … Read More

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