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Kiki de Montparnasse as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I recently decided to visit www.barneys.com to do a little Christmas shopping (who are we kidding, I was looking for myself), and discovered the lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse in their ultra-glamorous gift guide.  Being somewhat of a luxury intimates aficionado, I was admittedly surprised that the brand was still around.  For some reason I assumed that when the brick-and-mortar boutiques closed, the entire business did too.  Turns out that their NYC … Read More

Retail Therapy ~ Fleur du Mal


Fleur du Mal as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Sometimes I will discover a lingerie collection that is so beautiful it makes me wish I was young(er), thin(er), and rich…basically I want to insert myself into the world that brand has created.  This type of inspiration doesn’t come along every day, but it always seems to occur when I see what’s new from luxury label Fleur du Mal.  I want the story they’re selling, and thanks to the purchasing power of … Read More

A Welcome Return ~ Myla London


Myla London featured on Lingerie Briefs

There’s a special place in my heart for British luxury lingerie brands, dating back to when we (my mom & I) first developed the concept for our lingerie boutique nearly 15 years ago.  They were amongst the first brands we discovered when researching the luxury lingerie industry, and the British labels were those that stood out as being a delightful balance of luxurious, unique and playful. One of the brands that I … Read More


Fleur of England Wilderness boudoir bra and brief

Writing this post about the A/W18 Wilderness collection from Fleur of England seems incredibly timely, considering I just returned from a vacation in New England to experience Fall foliage (being a California native, it’s just not something we experience).  The leaves, the Autumn colors, even the color of the sun on a crisp afternoon this time of year; all of it is captured in this recently-released campaign, photographed in the British woodlands.… Read More


Olivia von Halle Pagoda Motel Collection on Lingerie Briefs

Olivia von Halle is one of those brands that raise the bar each season, creating luxe loungewear collections that are consistently paired with decadent campaign images.  This season’s Pagoda Motel Collection is no exception, with its exotic, bold prints and colors presented in an avant-garde setting. The current campaign is described by the brand as Familiar yet unknown; it has a dreamlike quality. Within it, three heroines at the centre of Read More

Velvet Crush ~ CAMI NYC


CAMI NYC featured on Lingerie Briefs

Sometimes it’s not such a bad thing for retailers to start selling holiday items (ahem, Christmas) as early as September. Granted, seeing those huge inflatable Santa Claus lawn ornaments at Costco is obnoxious, even in December. But there are brands that market themselves just right, and who show up at stores at the perfect time in a way that ignites excitement about the changing seasons and serves as a reminder of why … Read More

Violet & Wren ~ Silk Gardens


Violet & Wren Luxury silk loungewear Spring 19 collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

This time last year we featured Violet & Wren in the Gallery  and it’s a pleasure to be able to follow-up with what is up-and-coming next season from this luxury label.  Described as “British, botanical loungewear with a passion for everyday luxury”, Violet & Wren specializes in silk creations such as robes, pajamas and chemises that feature custom hand-painted illustrations.

For Spring/Summer 2019, those illustrations are light and floral (with a classic … Read More

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