Legwear Briefs

The real surge in fashion legwear started in the 1960’s but did not become mainstream until much later. When I became a hosiery buyer in the early 80’s, the stage was set but the show was just beginning. Today, no wardrobe is complete with out a leg statement. These are bold modern graphics from today and yesteryear.  It’s the message more than the mentor that counts.

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Our Cristina whose column this is, has been absent for  awhile due to a big move to Washington DC from Brooklyn, NY and now- Big Congratulations!- a brand new baby boy, Theodore Anthony King.  Ex-Legwear buyer that I am, this is a venue to which I am always drawn so I thought I might provide a bit of insight while she is gone.

I love this sheer anklet trend.  It’s fresh, fashionable and a great holiday dressing pop


Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Louboutin for Marchesa


Collette Dinnigan, Mila Schon, Marchesa

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Halloween Leg Costumes

By Cristina Casciano-King

With Halloween approaching finding the perfect hosiery accent to your Halloween Costume leaves you with a ton of Leg Avenue Options, and for most that is the only brand people will consider to dress up as a sexy school girl, a sultry clown, or a foxy fairy tale character or even a sexy witch…

But, why should Halloween be the only time you take bold choices with your legwear? Why not refine the Stereotypical Sexy costumes, with a bit more sophisticated legwear and instead of vamp go for class.

Take this Sexy School Girl Outfit. . .

Pair this more subtle sexy school girl costume, with these

Pretty Polly Faux Over the Knee Sock Tights.

Feel like clowning around this Halloween, why not try a sultry clown. But, instead of going with just plain old red fishnets, why not try something a little more interesting.

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Dogs In Pantyhose

By Cristina Casciano-King

First men in Tights, now Dogs in Tights.

Sounds crazy, but this in fact the latest K-9 craze from China.  Grab your Dog and put some pantyhose on it! Dogs, have for decades been dressed up like man’s best friend or in this case woman’s. Think dogs in coats and princess outfits- even those special shoes for when it snows…

Now they have to suffer through the growling (greulling) task of donning pantyhose. As if its not hard enough for humans to put them on without ripping, can you imagine getting them on a dog?

I think this dog, looks better then the cousin Beatrice at the Royal Wedding…Well if the hat fits!

If your canine friend is not into Opaque Tights, and prefers the more natural nude look. Go for the Signature style of another stylish Brit, the Duchess Kate. Just make sure … ...Read more

Spring Leg Fling

By Cristina Casciano-King

As the weather starts to turn, people often bare their legs without Tights, with all the fabulous Spring Tights why would you want to do that.

Spring Trends for Tights this year are fun and flirty. After the Ombre Tights have gone viral onPininterest, Jonathan Aston has jumped at producing the hot trend producing a beautiful pink and purple ombre tight (also available in a grey gradation for the more conservative fashionista)…If Ombre ain’t your thing…

Try something a bit more graphic; minimalist graphic tights with an eighties flare. TheseJonathan Aston Dynamic Tights, are just that a Dynamic statement on Legs. Try pairing them with some hightop wedge sneakers and a skater skirt!

If you still want to bare your leggs, try a pair of capri leggings or fishnet shorts…These transition from Spring to Summer and late Summer to fall…Fishnet Shorts are … ...Read more

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