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Demery Jayne lifestyle swimwear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Muse – Inner Freedom – Demery Jayne

Demery, a passionate world traveler, interlaces the idea of innate freedom into her awe-inspiring designs. They express her sun-kissed memories of exotic cultures and far away lands. Soaking the sun and the saltiness of the ocean water, Demery dreamed of her collection while feeling one with the universe. Wouldn’t you want to experience such inner freedom that transforms you into what you want to be…into your better self?

“I have always flourished in the water environment and I loved everything about the islands just off of the Venezuelan coast…I went there and ended up staying for a few years.Read More


Annette International as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The energy that is uniting like-minded humans over miles of land and sea, in the pursuit of common goals, is palpable.

Sharon Singer’s passionate story about the creation and evolution of Annette International grabbed my imagination and glued my ear to the phone. In an instant, the distance between California and New York City had disappeared.

“While developing our collections, we always give more to women in innovative fabrications, functionality, and design. We believe that women are increasingly conscious of their health. This is the reason why we create products that prioritize health over vanity”, said Sharon. Read More


Karl Mayer Engineered lacy bralette and panty Engineered lacy bralette and panty

Rushing through my first cup of coffee I was dialing a number in Frankfurt, Germany. I managed to contain my excitement when Gabriela Schellner, Textile Development and Technologies specialist with KARL MAYER, greeted me on the other end of the line.

I first heard about KARL MAYER and their revolutionary warp-knitting technology (WKT) at CurveNewYork in a presentation by Jos Berry, founder of Concepts Paris. I was excited to find out more.

For any developer or designer, discovering a new technology is a pleasure comparable only to eating chocolate.… Read More


ONPOINT Manufacturing featured on Lingerie Briefs

It is during a seminar at the Premiere Vision NY in January of 2020 that OPM (OnPoint Manufacturing) was mentioned by a panelist, Tara St James, a fashion industry activist and founder of the Re: Source Library. Armed with the curiosity of ten cats, I dashed to their booth compelled to find out more.

ONPOINT Manufacturing featured on Lingerie Briefs

OnPoint’s Sr. Vice President of Sales, David Prentice, met me with a southern smile and the personality of a storyteller while sharing a multitude of technical details and exciting facts.… Read More


Rebil group leads on developing replacing plastic with OLEAGO as featured on Lingerie Briefss

The treasure hunt is one of my favorite activities. But instead of deciphering ancient scripts in search of the submerged brigantines I roam the halls of the trade shows around the world looking for hidden gems. The Premiere Vision Expo in New York in January of 2020 presented some of the most exciting discoveries.

REBIL Group debuted a collection of packaging items they created using a groundbreaking material OLEAGO; derived from olive pits, it’s an eco-responsible alternative to plastic.

The enthusiasm of the Senior Sales Manager of Turkey-based REBIL Group, Ugur Aycin, was contagious.Read More

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