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By ASI EFROSBirds of Paradise silk matriarch robe as featured on Lingerie BriefsMatriarch Robe, Pattern – Silver Lining 

A collection of exquisite 100% Silk Robes by Birds of Paradise is nature’s most symbolic manifestation. Mother Nature unites us all, in the life cycle of rebirth and beauty. Like a deft artist, it paints fiery sunsets over the oceans, a green tapestry of the rainforest, tropical flowers, and exotic birds.

Birds of Paradise silk matriarch robe as featured on Lingerie BriefsMatriarch Robe, Pattern – Bloom

The magnificent Matriarch Robe is both, an indulgence and a gracious gift. It signifies abundance and love and becomes an expression of gratitude when given to those that we cherish the most.Read More

By ASI EFROSHosiery: ADESCARE FISHNET STAY UPS/THIGH HIGHS @LECHERY.OFFICIAL, Model: @_NotYourWaifu_  / Fashion Designer: @AliciaPerrillo / Photographer: @EdSochackiMy interview with Vyra S. was the most unexpected and engaging discovery. It offers a highly revered opposing point of view, on a familiar product – hosiery. Both women and men, who wear hosiery, do so to feel empowered and confident, regardless of how they are being perceived by society. For many, wearing hosiery is a statement and a point of view. 

“They desire to take full ownership of their own bodies without the need for external validation from anyone else,” says Vyra, Founder/CEO, LECHERY Hosiery

@MyTightsFashion - Photography by @FotoDesign_FischerWas there an event in your life that prompted you to create your company?Read More


Alexandre Gijon, a founder of STUDIO ESTAMPA

Alexandre Gijon, a founder of STUDIO ESTAMPA, catches the viewers off guard with the sheer genius and magnetism of his print collections. His graphic philosophy stretches beyond print and textile design while adding another dimension to his work.

“I strive to design patterns that are unexpected, colorful, and unique. Today everything looks the same, so I think ten times before designing a simple rose floral print,” Alexandre shared.

Prints by Studio Estampa as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Alexandre began his career in men’s tailoring, after completing his degree in fashion design in 2004.… Read More


Elena Romero, graphic and textile designer, as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Meet Elena Romero, a graphic and textile designer, whose unique artistic language fascinates the imagination. Exceptional is Elena’s poetry in paint, with the elegant dance of floral blooms, ripened color palette, intricately shaped strokes, and lakes of watercolor reflecting the sunset. 

“My creative process always starts with a question, which is followed by the search for information and reference material…then paper and pencil…something always comes up. I am inspired by a walk in the countryside, a painting in a museum, a good book, a song, a talk with my children,” says Elena.Read More

By ASI EFROSEffleure scented oil-infused lingerie - featured on Lingerie BriefsEffleure is a life-altering collection of aromatic oil-infused lingerie. It launched in 2020 and immediately won the hearts of connoisseurs of all things intimate.

“In romantic settings, intimacy is all about sensuality and self-assurance. A woman who is in touch with her sexuality and comfortable enough in her own skin, will slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy every second of an intimate encounter.” shared Virginia Marcolin, a Founder and CEO, EffleureEffleure scented lingerie - featured on Lingerie BriefsVirginia’s love-affair with luxury began in the UK, where she was entrusted with the intricate task of acquiring lingerie for Selfridges, a home for the most elegant intimate apparel creations.Read More


Legoplast packaging for a green and sustainable future

The resounding success of the Italian packaging company Legoplast hasn’t come as a surprise. In the demanding global market, it takes a very special team of dedicated professionals, unmatched creativity, cutting-edge technology, and the latest trends in material science to thrive. 

“Customers around the world trust our packaging with the delicate task of protecting and promoting their products,” said Federica Mazzon, Sales Executive, Legoplast, during our virtual meeting. 

Legoplast packaging for a green and sustainable future

A multiverse of shapes, finishes, and closure techniques are just a few of the elements that the company offers to its customers.Read More

by ASI EFROSChanty is a creator of fine 2-way stretch jacquardtronic, and textronic laces -featured on Lingerie BriefsFollowing a trail of the virtual bread crumbs through the dark forest, I finally reached a magnificent garden of gently knitted transparent patterns, enchanting colors, and natural yarns. For me, a lingerie designer by trade, this is how discovering this incredible company felt like. 

Chanty is a creator of fine 2-way stretch jacquardtronic, and textronic laces based near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and a place of origin to many wonderful ingenious and prolific conceptions. Chanty’s goal, above all, is to anticipate demands and satisfy tastes of all women, stylish and romantic, active and elegant, minimalists and lovers of all lavish.Read More

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