Spotlight on Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel SS19 Haute Couture Art de Volupté and Soie Virtuose Collections are copacetic, melding together 17 styles of luxury lingerie worthy of any bride or woman desiring the ultimate in lingerie. However, it’s the Lise Charmel designer technique that raises them above commercial lingerie to another plane of grace. They are unique in their content, intricate in their application and complex in their artistry.  Proprietary Guipure and embroidery on tulle, laser cut inlays and … Read More

Lise Charmel Fete Precieuse contour bra and thong on Lingerie Briefs

Lise Charmel ushers in the New Year with their ethereal Fête Précieuse Collection, an exquisite interpretation of the eternal beauty of the celestial night sky in which an endless veil of stars casts iridescent layers of black and blue. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of and Lise Charmel has created 14 heavenly lingerie pieces to emulate this vision. Ultra-soft tulle and transparent netting are offset by an exclusive floral embroidery fashioned from … Read More

The Art of Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel Nuit Elegance demi bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, we published a story about my visit to the Patricia Mendoza Gallery in Cabo de San Jose and how it inspired my thoughts about the Lise Charmel brand.: Art Yields to Lingerie ~Lise Charmel Once again the synthesis of art and lingerie is revealed. Purposeful, or simply coincidental: at that moment, I drew a correlation to the beauty and balance of this Lise Charmel’s Nuit Elegance collection. The paintings and sculptures in the studio … Read More

Lise Charmel’s Coralle Fauve collection is all about juxtaposition. First and foremost is the animal and floral pattern printed on tulle and silk that anchors the design. But it is the unique integration of an exclusive 6 color multithread embroidery and leavers lace that elevates the workmanship to a dramatic statement of beauty. Five Bra styles 32-44, A-F can interchange with Six separate panty shapes, XS-XXL. Lounge pieces are as worthy of interchange in … Read More

Antinea from Lise Charmel Fashion Guipure Group on Lingerie Briefs

In my last editorial about Antinéa Lingerie I spoke of the amazing technical expertise and sensual beauty experienced when a woman wears the intimates from the best-selling Fashion Guipure Collection. As a part of the brand portfolio of the Lise Charmel Group, these intimates represents the company’s mission of attainable luxury. It is Antinéa’s proprietary technique, “Calandrage de la Guipure” that identifies this brand’s exclusive design signature. Silk threads are interwoven on transparent … Read More

Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsInspired by Art Deco handicrafted creations, Lise Charmel’s Dressing Floral is an ensemble of refined lingerie pieces for women looking for a chic and timeless style. The exclusive floral design motifs are implemented in Guipure style, which gives the contours a cut-out effect on a tattoo effect background. Lise Charmel's Dressing Floral lingerie collection featured on Lingerie BriefsThe collection includes 5 gorgeous bra shapes from Strapless to Full Cup and 6 panty styles, plus a seductive Suspender Belt. New this fall, gorgeous devoré silk … Read More

Frivole Eté in white - Eprise by Lise Charmel - seen on Lingerie BriefsSometimes it is just better when your cup is only ¾ full. Eprise, the luxurious fuller cup brand by Lise Charmel proves this unequivocally with their ¾ cup balconette bras that anchor all of their luxury collections. Engineered with the famed Lise Charmel fit, this silhouette is uniquely designed for a sophisticated woman who is not afraid to flaunt her curves. The narrow center gorge allows for a deeper plunge on fuller figures creating a … Read More

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