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Louisa Bracq tribal embroidered dress as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It was several years ago that I was first introduced to the Louisa Bracq brand at Curve New York. In a small booth they were assessing the North American market opportunity for their eponymous lingerie brand that launched in Europe in 2007. This family owned embroidery workshop, based in France, had been supplying exquisite embroideries to some of the best-known luxury lingerie brands since 1938. Recognized for their unique creative skills, the Bracq family legacy is couched in a dynamic and technically innovative approach to embroidery design.… ...Read more

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Louisa Bracq Julia full cup bra and panty as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I picked up embroidery as a serious hobby several years ago, so the minute I stepped into the Louisa Bracq booth at Curve I knew that I was experiencing this craft in a different way. Embroidery has always been a critical element of lingerie design, but the embroidery at the foundation of the Louisa Bracq brand is unique. It is the epicenter of their DNA. It is no surprise that Louisa Bracq’s heritage is founded in embroidery design and production.… ...Read more

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