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In Bloom for Brides

by Libby Dowd

Wedding gowns are traditionally white, but lately color has been making its way down the runway—and the aisle. From the neutral blush colors that are appearing in virtually every designer’s collection to Vera Wang’s shocking black gown, color is coming on strong. So why should bridal lingerie stay all white?
In Bloom by Jonquil is introducing its new line of intimates for summer deliveries. These styles mix bold black trims and flirty polka dots—making them perfect for the bride who wants to maintain some tradition but still have a little bit of fun with color and pattern. “I was inspired by ivory and black high drama impact paired with fluffy, frilly laces,” says designer Diane Samandi.

In Bloom by Jonquil ~ 'Eliza' and 'Lace and Dots'
“Some trends reflected in this line are polka dots, lace, menswear inspired prints, mixing masculine and feminine and color blocking.”… ...Read more

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A European Born Brand Shows Promise in the USA

I won’t be able to attend the Salon De Lingerie show this month as family issues are holding me hostage at the moment;  I am glad that I have expert “eyes” attending.  Some of our Guest Bloggers have promised a comprehensive report.  After all, it was in Paris last year that I found the newly launched London based Fräulein Annie brand. Created by German designer Frauke Nagl, I knew the moment I saw this debut collection of sexy intimates conceived for sizes 8 – 18 and A – G cups that I had discovered a potential winner.  Venturing this fall into the USA market, I learned recently that it is already a best seller at Kaori’s Closet in NYC.   The state of the art manufacturing base is clearly delivering quality and fit as well as Marlene … ...Read more

Free & Easy ~ Eberjey

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox]Could it be the salty air, ocean breeze

Or the beach

Nearby, I think

More than these things

It is the seagull soaring

She spreads her wings

Softly slips her feathered form through clear, cloudless skies

She is me


A profile of freedom

I moved to the beach in the early 70’s while my friends were settling in Manhattan.   No one could quite grasp why I decided on this hour long commute to work when I could be part of the dynamic world that New York City promises its youth.  But I was hypnotized by the ocean and the lifestyle it cultivates.  It nurtured my need for a simple and comfortable environment.  Every day the city pulse fed my psyche, and every evening as I disembarked the train at the end of the line, the onslaught of sea air and the sound of the … ...Read more

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox]Among my favorite clothes are things that are just plain comfortable, my J. Crew sweats, my B.C. fleece hoody, and my 7 year old paddock boots, for example.  They are cozy, the first items I “go to” when I want to relax.  Long plane trips, 12 hour days devoted to my keyboard, or just managing an onslaught of family errands, I refuse to sacrifice physical solace.  For many other women, this state of being would include being braless.  Unfortunately, for me, being of a curvier stature, this has never been an option.   I need support.  As one might imagine in my field of work, I have many bras, in a variety of styles, both purchased and sampled from a bevy of sources that I have been privy to over the years. There is lots of great product out there and I can identify some amazing … ...Read more

The Paris Shows

[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox]The natural style and artistic flavor that Paris exudes has always inspired my vision, as I am certain it has for other intrepid visitors.  For the past 25 years, the Lingerie shows, staged in this fashionable city have fertilized many American designs.  Mining these Expositions for information that will inform trends in the Intimate Apparel Business is a compelling challenge.  I am always searching for seeds of ideas, a color direction, a style detail, a new product capable of shifting fortunes in the North American market:  So, I was particularly surprised at the intelligence I gleaned from last week’s Salon De Lingerie and Interfiliere highlighting fall 2011 collections.  The messages were all inherently American stories:   Shapewear everywhere, Molded Bras in glamorous hi tech fabrics, and crossover loungewear, dominated for the first time in many years, by Casual[lightbox color=”#000000″ type=”image” title=”” link=””][/lightbox] Robes.  There … ...Read more

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