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Rain wireless Nursing bra from 32-44, D-H cups as featured on Lingerie Briefs

After moving to the country from the city this summer I’ve found myself looking at my lingerie drawer in a new light. I’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors now that I have a yard and I’ve found myself investing time in activities that I’ve never had a chance to spend time on before, like feeding the songbirds outside my windows. Since I work at home, this means that I basically live in simple and comfortable bras these days. I’ve found myself gravitating towards sleek and effortless options that feel easy and minimalistic, rather than my usual tendencies to wear fancy bras all of the time.

Rain wireless Maternity Nursing bra from 32-44, D-H cups as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The nursing bra line by Parfait Lingerie appealed to my current sensibilities because it reflects the same core characteristics: luxurious fabrics, uncomplicated yet fashionable designs, and a focus on comfort above all. The line consists of two bras; The Leila Nursing Bra and the Rain Wireless Nursing Bra. Both use smart fabric choices and supportive designs to create basic bras that fall into the current minimalism fashion trend.

The Rain Wireless Nursing Bra is the newest addition to the line. Parfait Lingerie has dressed the bra up with a lovely two-tone floral lace and lined it with a supple modal inner lining for extra comfort. This bra is wireless with a wide bottom band for extra support.

Lelia Maternity nursing bra from 32-44, D-H cups from Parfait Lingerie in Bare color as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Leila Nursing Bra uses soft materials and an inner sling design to provide both comfort and support to nursing mothers. Parfait has focused on sensual fabrics and a sleek look, along with ease of use for new moms. The nursing hook on the front has been designed to be easily opened with one hand, so women have one less thing to mess with when they’re navigating the world with their new babies. The size range is also admirably large – the bra comes in 34 -44C, 32 – 44D-G, and 32-40GG-H.

Lelia Maternity nursing bra from 32-44, D-H cups from Parfait Lingerie in Blacll color as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Both of these bras embody what many women are looking for when they’re adjusting to motherhood: something simple and soft, but fashionable enough so they feel like their old selves to some degree.


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I have a bunch of friends who are new mothers who have returned to work from maternity leave over the past two weeks. Most them got to take the summer off so they could focus on their baby and their new family structure, but they’re now taking on the new challenge of integrating their old work selves into their new “mom” selves. They’re the same people, but now forever changed by the addition of their children. They recognize their clothes, but they don’t fit the same way they used to. They love their old lingerie, but most of it just doesn’t work for their current lifestyle.

Natori Bliss Maternity wireless bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What struck me about the Natori maternity bra collection is that it looks exactly like the kind of bras my friends loved to wear a year ago. Lots of maternity and nursing bras are full coverage and a little old fashioned looking, but not these. Natori has smartly based their maternity bras on their bestselling collections like Feathers and Bliss Perfection, so customers can continue their relationship with the brand. This means that you can wear your favorite Feathers bra or Bliss Perfection bra, just with added adjustments for new mothers.

Natori Feathers Maternity Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

One thing that sets this collection apart is the inclusion of actual plunge bras! Many nursing bras have a lot of coverage, which may not work as well when you have to wear a v-neck shirt to work once you are done with maternity leave. The  Maternity Contour Plunge Underwire from the Feathers collection supports and makes nursing easy, but still fits under all of your favorite work clothes. The sportier feeling Racerback Day Bra has a low cut crossover front that is practical and pretty, but is still easy to fit under almost any outfit.

Natori Bliss racerback day bra for maternity on Lingerie Briefs

The Wireless Contour Nursing Bra from the Bliss Perfection collection has a lovely lace detail and lots of support, but offers a distinctly different style than the Racerback Day Bra. It’s great to see a collection that offers different style and coverage options for different customer preferences.

What all of these bras have in common is simple: They’re soft and supportive. Natori is known for their use of buttery soft fabrics and simple yet fashion designs. They’ve applied these assets to their maternity collection as well. It’s allowed them to create a collection that is both new and familiar. Most importantly, it allows customers to continue their life journey with the brand.


Teresa Arthur Photography as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve been thinking a lot about big life changes lately. This isn’t surprising, since I’m moving across the country this week! Now that the chaos of packing up has mostly worn off, I’m finding myself excited about the upcoming autumn season and all of the new beginnings that come with it. As a result, it seems fitting that I’m writing about maternity bras this week, since they always are associated with new phases of life and big changes.

What I have learned over the past few weeks is the value of quality basic bras and how they provide the backbone of your lingerie collection. The bras I took to make the long transition between houses were all good basic t-shirt bras and sports bras – which is exactly what Wacoal has released as part of their new maternity offerings. These are the types of bras that everyone needs at any stage in life, especially when navigating the new territory of becoming a mother.

The Underwire T-Shirt Nursing Bra by Wacoal is the perfect basic t-shirt bra for women who are nursing and learning to adjust to new routines. The spacer cups are decorated with pretty lace and the flexible underwire offers familiar t-shirt bra support without feeling uncomfortable – or causing mastitis or plugged ducts. Easy open clips make nursing easy but the cups also stay in place until they are pulled down, giving customers extra coverage when they are navigating nursing in public. This band has five hook-and-eye settings to help adjust to changing figures. The bra comes in band sizes 32 to 38 and cup sizes C, D, DD, DDD, G.

The Wire Free Sport Nursing Bra by Wacoal ensures that new mothers can still exercise comfortably while feeling supported. It has an internal frame for extra support and a mesh lining that helps keep customers cool while working out. This bra is designed for medium-impact activities, so it’s perfect for everything from summer walks with a stroller to yoga classes. This bra comes in band sizes 32 to 38 and cup sizes C, D, DD, DDD.

This is a great basic line for expecting mothers that comes with the Wacoal commitment to quality and smart design. Stay tuned as the brand adds a 3rd style later this fall.  Sometimes you need serious support when you’re going through new life changes, even from your bras!





What do women really want in a bra? While fashion writers tend to cover this issue as a monolith, those of us who work in the industry know that it is a question that is far more complicated. 25 years ago two women sat down in their kitchen and tried to ask themselves that same question. The result was a test bra made from leopard print fabric that birthed Bravado Designs™  who has been asking that question to women continuously ever since.

Bravado Designs™ makes maternity and nursing bras that are designed to simply just work. All products are tested by tons of mothers in different size ranges before they are released and their attention to detail and fit testing shows. Bras have been  been  certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® requirements, which ensures products are free from harmful substances.

They also don’t skimp on a range of stylish options. Their Original Nursing bra is a modern take on a heritage bra.  Constructed in a cozy microfiber  it promises moderate support for DD-G cups in an easy wire-free bra.  The Body Silk Seamless bra with 4 way stretch, removable pads and alpha sizing is the ultimate everyday solution. The Buttercup Nursing Bra is engineered in Bravado’s  Petal Soft™ fabric.  Softness is the mission whether a woman loves underwires or simply wishes to pull the bra over her head. These are just 4 of a range of styles, each owning its own special solution for a discerning mother or mother to be.

Longevity and attention detail aren’t the ‘sexy’ selling points for most companies, but Bravado’s reliability is a big part of their success story. There are lots of companies that focus on innovation within their section of the industry, but not all of them combine it with a commitment to quality and easy to use the designs the way Bravado does. Nursing clips are a great invention, but can turn into a major annoyance if they stick or pop open. The elements that make a maternity bra supportive can also dig into your skin and leave nasty marks. Avoiding these kinds of issues is what sets the great maternity brands apart from the rest. Bravado has spent years perfecting these design features so they work every time you need them to.

Designing bras for bodies that are changing daily is a huge challenge, but my favorite thing about Bravado is that they take it a step further for many of their bras. Several of their bras include a Bra Conversion Kit so you can easily convert your nursing bra to a regular bra once you are ready to stop nursing. It’s a great way to help a Bravado bra become a regular staple in someone’s lingerie drawer. After all, nursing and maternity bras are really comfortable! Why not help someone keep their comfortable bra that they love wearing and make it adjust to their lifestyle?


New Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 in powder blue featured on Lingerie BriefsNew moms who just have brought their sweet bundle of joy into the world should know that a good quality bra for breastfeeding is essential. This new Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 might be her new best friend! The ultra stylish,wire-free nursing bra provides a modern, feel-good design with brilliant breastfeeding comfort for everyday wear.

The Seamless Nursing Bra is made with silky-smooth microfiber fabric in stylish pastel tones. Removable, concealing foam cups provide extra support and shape. New Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 in lotus featured on Lingerie BriefsThe wide underbust band is extremely soft and provides comfortable support without underwires. Soft cups can be completely folded down to allow the baby easy access to the breast, while the nursing band prevents the straps from slipping down. The nursing clip on the straps allows the cups to be opened and closed with just one hand, which is convenient for both, mom and baby.New Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 in black featured on Lingerie BriefsSizes: S – XXL. Available colors: Powder Blue, Lotus and Black.

The Anita Seamless Nursing Bra 5096 is an ultra-comfy must-have!


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