State of Lace ~ Arianne

Lace has informed my perspective for as long as I can remember.  For me, it is an artistic and poetic expression.   I see it in so many aspects of everyday life; the spokes of a bicycle wheel, the bare branches of a tree etched against a winter sky, an intricately woven wrought iron fence, lingering lines left on frozen ice from a skater’s blades, shadows flickering in candlelight across a naked body.  The possible interpretations are endless. Lace patterns add character to perspective. Lace feminizes, suggests intrigue; asks to be observed.  Delicate or bold, it has the power to alter vision.

This is exactly what I thought when I saw Arianne’s Teri camisole collection. These lace appliqued camis  have transformed this 60 year old Canadian brand from a harbinger of traditional inner/outerwear fashions into an arbiter of hot item fashion expertise. Particularly intriguing are the multi-faceted wardrobe options created by … ...Read more

Rebirth ~ Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby Edelweiss on Lingerie Briefs

There is a clear message in the air today, as spring emerges despite the March gloom.  The sun surfaced late yesterday afternoon with that translucent light that presages warmer days.  It’s a feeling of rejuvenation.  Looking at the new spring Maison Lejaby line recently, this seems especially prescient. The venerable Lingerie Company has re-surfaced this season with a new management and production team supporting its growth.   I was particularly entranced by the exquisite Edelweiss collection: a modern interpretation of a delicate flower, graphically embroidered on an airy tulle fabric.  It’s a strong visual statement that reinforces the Lejaby legacy of contemporary intimate elegance.  It’s nice to see this perennial French brand in bloom again.

“Change is Growth” ~ Lenny Kravitz


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With all due respect for T.S. Eliot, I do not agree that “April is the Cruelest Month”.  If he had been living anywhere in the Northeastern  United States, he would have, most assuredly, considered March before penning those famous lines in his modern masterpiece, The Wasteland.   It’s snowing here again, an icy, wet wintry mix skimming the freezing mark and causing havoc on the roads.  Never mind that one week ago the thermometer was edging towards the 60° mark, flirting with spring, a promise of rejuvenation after a cold winter sojourn.  Here in New York, there’s no escape, except a vacation to more temperate zones.

It seems to me that a great way to find that much needed respite could be in a Bedhead Pajama.  It’s no coincidence this finely tailored PJ brand is actually produced right in sunny Los Angeles.  The California DNA informs every aspect of the … ...Read more

By Aimee Guthinger

We are pleased to share our newest Lingerie Bridal Shower idea, the Hanky Panky Bridal Shower Cake that we recently created at my shop, Bedroom I’s Boutique!

We used an assortment of Hanky Panky thongs, panties and boyshorts all delicately rolled to uniformly support the shape and body of this confectionery display.  There are two flavors: the all ivory cake or the something blue and white alternative.  Adding some decorative touches and trimmings, these intimate desserts are coordinated to make a fun centerpiece for the shower gift table.

The ivory cake here has been topped with Hanky Panky low rise ruffle thongs and a scattered pearl cluster accessory.  The middle tier features an oversize engagement ring alongside a Hanky Panky clear Swarovski crystal Mrs. thong.  Cape Cod Soy Massage Candles in both Fifty Shades of Vanilla and Naughty Nectar fragrances has also been included.  The soy wax … ...Read more

For those of us visually inclined, color plays a major role in the art of persuasion.  Personally, it powers my universe.  I believe it is the single most effective communication tool a merchant can use to make an impression.  Color drives design.  It informs our state of mind and articulates our environment. Imagine OZ without the rainbow; lifeless and stale. This year, Pantone has declared Emerald Green as the Color of  The Year.  Perhaps it’s an omen of good times to come: harmony, wealth and well-being. Green, not always an easy color to pull off in lingerie, is perfected here by Lisa’s Folly Luxe with the Priscilla ruffled mesh babydoll, available in six liberating colors from XS – XL.  Transform your world. Think Green!

 “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”   
~ Judy Garland


“Stiletto’s Heaven ~ Kinky Boots”
by Marina Rybak

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