J.C.Penney Wise

Hard as it is for me to admit it, I went to a mall on Black Friday.  After all, this is something I swore I would never do again once I left the world of retailing.  However, circumstances demanded some quick, inexpensive purchases and so I commandeered my sister-in-law as my wing-man and we forged ahead.  I was not looking forward to it.  Anti-department store avatar that I am, I was pleasantly surprised when I departed, mission accomplished, several hours later and was not at all stressed.  Searching the sale racks at Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and J.C. Penney, we were impressed with the selections, service and values.  Personally, I prefer the more eclectic and individual experience of the specialty store milieu. But, for the purpose of our immediate needs; commodity items at low prices from quality brands, I was very satisfied. There seems to be a sea change in … ...Read more

Great Expectations ~ Eberjey

When I first entered the world of retailing Holiday business really did begin on Black Friday.  The store would be transformed  into a Christmas spectacle overnight adding to the fever of the season.  It was truly a one day event with prices going back up the very next day until post X-Mas promotions. Since I happened to be involved in main floor accessory items in those early years, I was nurtured on the momentum of escalating sales that exploded exponentially to a point of hysteria on Christmas Eve.  I remember selling two left handed leather gloves to a desperate husband on Dec 24.  Later as a buyer, I was schooled in volume projections as we liquidated one million dollars’ worth of warm up slippers in five short weeks, only to watch sales plummet off a cliff on Dec 26.  But nothing replicated the “thrill of the kill” that I experienced … ...Read more

Wedding Dress Shapewear

By Aimee Guthinger

If you have never been to Cape Cod, you should go.  In the nineteenth century it was the whaling capital of the world.  Today it is still home to the cantankerous, yet remarkably lovable New Englanders memorialized in films old and new.  Its unique setting and character make it one of the most loved vacation spots in the world.  Its quaint seaside villages sprinkled with sailing boats and lobster traps are surrounded by beaches and recreation of all ilk.  It is no wonder that today Cape Cod remains one of the most popular wedding destinations.

Lucky for us because in our shop, Bedroom I’s Boutique, located in Osterville, we do a lot of fittings for brides, their mothers and mothers-in-law to be, and their wedding parties.  And regardless of where such a seminal event takes place, we all know a wise woman must find a versatile and … ...Read more

I was riding the #4 Subway in NYC today when I took this photo of the commuters sitting side by side across from me.  I was struck by the dichotomy of faces, each ensconced in their own daily business.  This is the real America, a nation built on immigrant dreams.  This city is a cornucopia of technical and creative talent who came here from distant shores using their unique skills to create a truly dynamic domain.  For the Lingerie Industry, there are a core group of young artisans, whose design ethics defy the status quo as they work diligently to sustain their craft here in the USA.  Understanding the critical difference that hands on design can perpetuate, they sacrifice volume for quality.  Their mission is to remain artists, assigned and defined by their individual aesthetic signature.

One of my personal favorites is Layla L’Obatti, whose stable of labels includes … ...Read more

Cool Curves ~ Curvy Kate

During the heady days of college, immersed in the bohemian lifestyle of the art student on campus, I became infatuated with the European painters whose unconventional techniques transposed the definition of art in the early 20th century.   I was particularly fascinated with the deconstruction of realism and the reconstruction of form into a simple, powerful statement.  And as with much of art throughout history, the female anatomy was a dominant subject.  The only variation was the painter’s interpretation of a woman’s curves.  Take for example, the figurative work of Amedeo Modigliani, whose homage to the full figured woman is prevalent in his nudes. Composed by soft, smooth, round shapes that stretch across the canvas, and rich with color, this artist’s work is a sensual articulation of the feminine mystique

Like Modigliani’s acknowledgement of the female figure, Curvy Kate’s new Smoothie t-shirt bra is a lingerie testament to the natural … ...Read more

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