Meet Godiva, Irish and Bandit, three miniature horses that live the life of riley at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring, NY where I volunteer to assist people with special needs.  They might look pint sized but believe me they have huge personalities, with no idea that they are ¼ the size of pasture mate, Otto.  I have nicknamed them my little mini coopers because they are as adorable as my beloved sports coupe, with similar attitude and high powered performance.  Even though we cannot use them for lessons on the clients who frequent the barn, they are valuable members of  TEC’s population; because a large part of equine therapy is based on hands on interaction with the animals.   As you might imagine, these three are less intimidating. Maybe they are small in stature, but their spunky charm performs an outsize benefit for a very important and often neglected … ...Read more

Only In New York

Where else but in NYC could I find this crazy angel flitting around Greeley Square Park while playing her silent flute. Of course I had to take her picture.  Not in the least bit put off, she actually came forward and kissed me on the cheek.  And I, the incredulous New Yorker, could not decide whether to smile or run away quickly to wash my face. First, is this encounter with the tutu laden nymph in all her delicate regalia, somehow inspirational, though I need a minute or three to figure out why. I think it was her “life is short, do your own thing, who cares what you think, I am my own person spirit”.

Then, I was catapulted to another world. I was actually on my way uptown for a business meeting. With a few minutes to spare, I decided to visit the Town Shop, an upper West … ...Read more

Color Me Beautiful!

By Aimee Guthinger

The concept of color choice in a woman’s wardrobe has really peaked my interest recently.  For some reason I have had a slew of customers come into the shop in recent weeks holding “Color Season” cards searching for Intimates that would work well with their complexions. This idea was popular in apparel back in the 80’s when women would have their “Season” read based on their actual skin, hair and eye tones.  I guess I have more than a few ladies of a certain age shopping in my boutique.  So I grew curious and decided I would train my staff and conduct an in-house clinic to assist interested shoppers.

So, how does this factor into bridal lingerie you may ask? Well, how often do you go out shopping and make purchases based mainly on an emotional response to a color or print instead of thinking about how … ...Read more

The slight shift in the weather this week had me thinking.  I used to go to France every September to shop the stores and attend the fabric shows.  Mandatory on my agenda was a trip to the Marché Aux Puces, the celebratory Paris flea market, where inspiration can jump out from the rambling assemblage of eccentric, elegant and engaging shops.  This shopping mecca is a crossroads of art, steeped in history, and ratified by the extraordinary level of visitors who touch base there every week-end. My objective was gorgeous lingerie, laces and creative detail, but it was the atmosphere of discovery that truly motivated me.  Mining such a free style economic environment is fun.

The Lou Piccadilly collection is just the kind of collectible indulgence I could imagine myself prospecting in one of the charming retail stalls. The collaboration of old school construction with modern luxury materials is for me … ...Read more

Romance Returns ~ Amulette


I think that I am just a little bit in love.  I am inspired by the sophisticated underpinnings that so eloquently define the Amulette brand.  I have been watching this label for several seasons now and have grown more and more enamored with these beautifully conceived collections of romantic lingerie designs made in Columbia with exquisite European fabrics and laces.  I am always careful in my assessment of intimate potential, preferring a watchful strategy.  I need to see continuity and resolve. Amulette grows stronger with each new collection and I am convinced it is because creator Joanna Issac’s personal passion for delicate and romantic lingerie is so clearly the soul of her designs.   Inquiries:

 “A Woman’s Sensuality Must Be Smelled In The Wind”  Joanna Issac



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