Smile Again ~ Kensie

I spent the afternoon today on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, ruminating somewhat about the subject for today’s blog and what might be appropriate.  I know that many of my readers, particularly in the Northeast are still reeling from the ramifications of Hurricane Sandy.  It’s a fine line between dealing with Sandy’s rampage and the need to move on.  Even Cabo has been hit by unexpected storms this year.  Heavy rains, rarely seen in this Mexican mecca have caused extensive damage: half the shoreline is missing.  It’s a bit unnerving to see this usually hyper active town beach in such a raw state.  It seems slightly undone, yet still it remains one of the most beautiful and relaxing venues I have ever found.

I am glad for the escape, but can’t help but think of my friends and colleagues struggling for renewal back home.  And to add to the … ...Read more

Sometimes, It’s Not About Lingerie. . .  .

I lived in Long Beach, New York for 30 years; first on the water, later one block away.  There were many storms, hurricanes, nor’easters, blizzards.  There were many evacuations; some we heeded, some not.  It never mattered.  Damage was minimal: a little water in the basement, beach erosion, lots of complaints; the usual expected brouhaha when one chooses to live near the ocean.

I grew up going to the beach.  It’s a special way of life, a certain energy, a certain vibe, a certain pathway to peace.  There is no peace in Long Beach this week.  Sandy has destroyed it: homes burned, cars and boats flung afar, water drowning houses to the second and sometimes third floors, sand knee deep everywhere, on main roads, in houses, vehicles buried along with dreams.  Devastation and despair prevail.

The ocean is an immortal goddess.  She … ...Read more

The Confident Bride

By Aimee Guthinger

Having worked one on one fitting undergarments and lingerie with women for nearly a decade, I honestly feel like I have heard it all.  Regardless of nationality, age, body type or size, one steady concept always seems to underline all else feminine self esteem.  Your body language, the comfort you feel within your own skin and the confidence communicated through both can be your sexiest assets no matter the size in your top drawer.  In fact, I believe you can have the most socially acceptable appearance possible, a figure seemingly tailor made for the most beautiful lingerie, but if you lack the confidence to wear it well, your overall sex appeal will always be lacking.

Recently we have heard a growing number of requests for plus size bridal lingerie in my boutique.  And to be specific, I am referring to women’s sizes in pretty chemises, nightgowns, peignoir … ...Read more

I was reminiscing yesterday about the huge Holiday dinners we used to host at our house while the kids were growing up. My husband’s famous stuffing, a family dish passed down from his grandmother was a magnet for our guests.  People were always asking for the recipe, which he preferred to keep to himself, adding to the aura of the meal.  In truth, it was a very simple dish, compiled of very basic ingredients easily found on the supermarket shelf.  He claimed that the superior taste was really a matter of his cooking style, but I know he had a few delicious additives up his sleeve.  It was not the main course, hidden as it was beneath the Turkey’s breast; but without a doubt, it was the center of attention.  Sometimes, it’s what’s inside that really counts.

I started thinking about the furtive preparations that took these holiday meals to … ...Read more

Sensual Swimwear ~ Shan

We are in a swim mode today at Lingerie Briefs (check out our Curvy Briefs blog: Swimwear Daydreams). Writer, Lindsey, an LA native might not be aware of the chilly autumn days we are having in the Northeast. I, on the other hand, am more likely inspired by the fact that I depart in one week for my home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and my partner Shirley heads to the Bahamas.  Swimsuits are on our minds and I have been waiting for an opportunity to showcase the Shan brand.  I spotted this 28 year old Canadian based Swimwear Company at Curve and was truly swept away.  Every single suit spoke to my instincts for luxury, quality, fit and unique designs.  I had difficulty choosing which style to showcase here.  Above all else, it is the exquisite detailing that compliments Shan’s signature draping technique, a testament … ...Read more

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