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The Little Bra Company

latte and laduree on Lingerie Briefs

In NYC yesterday, while waiting for a latte at an edgy coffee shop on Madison Avenue, I started to contemplate why I was feeling upbeat about spending $4.50 on a cup of coffee. The answer is really simple: in the scheme of things, it’s really the small luxuries in life that can alter perspective. This city is full of them; little treats that are singularly expensive but really worth the resulting lift. One doesn’t need … Read More


I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately about the surge in curvy and plus size intimates, and I will continue this trend, because frankly, a great deal of the innovation in the market is surfacing from this venue. But today, I want to focus on another consumer need, currently neglected by the fast volume business predators unwilling to nurture and savor a very important niche in the Lingerie business, the small busted woman.  What … Read More


One might think that a petite woman has no wedding dress woes. But perfection matters to every bride.  Remember that this woman has a small frame and enhancing her assets is part of the presentation.  The Little Bra Company caters to a woman who wants to make the best of what she has.  Here the Sascha strapless and the Lucia blue lined lace overlay padded push up promise smooth, supportive underpinnings that are as beautiful … Read More

Meet Godiva, Irish and Bandit, three miniature horses that live the life of riley at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring, NY where I volunteer to assist people with special needs.  They might look pint sized but believe me they have huge personalities, with no idea that they are ¼ the size of pasture mate, Otto.  I have nicknamed them my little mini coopers because they are as adorable as my beloved sports coupe, … Read More

Almost Braless

By LINDA DYETTAlmost Braless - Linda Dyett, photo - Sara Messinger NYTimes featured on Lingerie BriefsI live in the East Village—notorious for its (fantastic) restaurants, its quirky little retail businesses (a goodly number of which, including Azeleas, the lingerie shop, have survived the shutdown), and the hordes of NYU, Cooper Union, St. John’s, and New School students, as well as the oddball artists, designers, and freelancers who occupy the neighborhood. This area, like Bushwick and Williamsburg, is something of a style bellwether. So when I began noticing … Read More


Fashion Illustration of Natori Loungewear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The contribution to the lingerie industry from Asian cultures is immeasurable. From the kimono silhouette to intricate embroideries or the origins of silk, the list is long. It’s high time to pay homage to Asia, even more so in these extraordinary times. I am not going to “preach” about race based hate and how it has no place in a civilized society; any decent evolved person knows this. The previous administration did … Read More


The Truth is in The Numbers!

fit Fully Yours Serena Bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

About a year ago, I started hearing about a little known lingerie company that was making waves in small boutiques: Fit Fully Yours. Boutique owners would bring it in on a recommendation from someone else and almost immediately sell out. They would then re-order and find that the struggle was keeping up with demand rather than selling bras. When Fit Fully Yours came up in Read More

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