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The Little Bra Company

By Lindsey Borchard

Cake Lingerie Nursing Bra Ginger Macaroon on Lingerie Briefs


I have come to learn that being pregnant will make you an excellent researcher. I research everything from strollers, to baby wash, and now I am starting the search for nursing bras. I might be knee deep in bras at work and in the lingerie industry but I still have no idea about what makes a good nursing bra. Last week I was at Curve New York, which is a trade … Read More

Backstage at Bra*Tenders

by Moira Nelson 

Alan and Lori Kaplan are very serious about the business of bras.  Their boutique, Bra*Tenders, is a quirky and vibrant shop with a Broadway-theme tucked inside The Film Center Building on Ninth Avenue in NYC’s Theater district.  This hidden gem is not your typical bra store.  There’s no store front.  Passersby would never know it was there.  Non-theatrical clients (civilians like you and me) are required to make an appointment.  And … Read More

I have been ensconced in the Lingerie world for more than 25 years and as a curator of this intimate art form, I have often wrestled with the position of pleasure objects in the gallery of a tasteful boutique.  In the Intimate Apparel world, there has always been a delicate dance between elegance and the erotic.  It is a woman’s right to experience her femininity no matter what journey her life might take, but how … Read More


samantha chang as featured on Lingerie BriefsSamantha Chang

Evolution is a jewel in the crown, an elegant display of boutique brands. I had intended to combine the Evolution NY and Curve NY  show into one market report. The insights are not that different. I have over 600 images that reflect this point. However, even edited down, there are just too many for one post. Two shows in separate locations proved a bit  challenging for the attendees. This I … Read More

By BECKY YEErobe, bra & panty by Natori featured on Lingerie Briefs - Becky Yee photographerMay is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.  It’s a time when we can pay tribute to and celebrate the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America’s history and are continuing to contribute to its future success. (Above photo: robe, bra & panty by Natori, Thigh Highs by VienneMilano & jewelry by Pono)

There are many exciting things going in the lingerie industry and these four women featured … Read More


Cadolle Lingerie as featured on Lingerie BriefsCadolle

I have decided to split my market report in two parts because the Evolution and Curve NY show, although similar in their color/ print/ and shape reveal, had two very different vibes. To be perfectly honest, timing required that I debrief from the smaller exposition first.  Evolution was a limited array of boutique/ luxury brands portrayed in an intimate space. It started one day earlier than Curve NY, which I will … Read More


Maison Lejaby Spring 22 as featured on Lingerie BriefsMaison Lejaby

Last week the Lingerie market came alive for the first time in 18 months and the debut was dynamic. A series of trade shows including Curve NY and Evolution Concepts were buoyed by several showrooms’ exposés. For my part, I attended most of them; a bit dispersed, good for the waistline, serving up a level of vitality much needed and very welcome by all to whom I spoke. Of course, … Read More

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