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Being A Good Sport Bra


Chantelle Sports Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

We all have to admit the retail world is topsy turvy and what should be… isn’t. Almost nothing surprises us anymore.  Which leads me to my current observation about sport bras.  Technically they are meant to be worn while being “sporty” and the attention they are being given would have me conclude that there are millions of sporty women buying these bras, but I have a slightly different take on it.  I … Read More

Bralettes Break Out


Several weeks ago, I received the news that the very popular Creations Magazine North America would no longer be published. Despite the success of this publication in both the United States and Canada, the parent company Editolux has filed for bankruptcy. I share the disappointment with many retailers and brands who have only lauded their respect for this very modern approach to the Lingerie trade. As a permanent columnist for CLNA, I enjoyed my excellent Read More



When looking for a surgical bra for an upcoming breast augmentation or mastectomy it can feel like you’re swimming in a sea of confusion. Which bra will provide the support you need during healing? What are bra pockets and do you need them? What features are essential? What do you need to avoid? Let go of the confusion and let us show you the way. When you know what to look for, Read More

By Lindsey Borchard

So many of my pregnant friends have asked me “What are the must have items I need for my hospital bag”? The only thing I tell them is a good nursing bra and your toothbrush. Everything else doesn’t even matter.


I packed like I was going on a mini holiday. Outfits, makeup and toiletries galore. However after having James I didn’t care at all about any of it. The only thing I … Read More

Featuring ~ Bra & Girl

BG LogoSubmitted by April Burch, Ph.D (aka Dr. Cleavage), Co-Owner of Great Barrington Bra & Girl in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Bra & Girl began as the “bottle of wine idea”. When I would come home from work as a Researchphoto Scientist bemoaning the challenges of grant funding and publication, my husband would say: “Tell me what you would do if you we’re not in science?”.  I would always say “I’d have a pretty little lingerie store … Read More

By Elisabeth Dale

The Jockey Company introduced a “revolutionary” new bra sizing system a few weeks ago. Why? Because experts agree that 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. This is thought to be due, in part, to the inadequacy of the current antiquated measuring tape method of determining bra size. But does it even matter? What if women wear the “wrong” size bra for all the “right” reasons?

Jockey sent me their … Read More

Bravo! Bravado

By Lindsey Borchard

It’s no secret that Bravado has been one of the top brands for maternity and nursing bras for a long time but this brand has recently made me a first time believer!

I was lucky enough to get some of their products to try and let me just say I haven’t taken some of them off since I got them. For me, and my 38FF breasts it’s been really hard to find … Read More

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