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Christine Lingerie Moonlight Collection in printed Silk Chiffon as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Going back to my college roots where I majored in Art History, I have always recognized that creativity presents itself in many forms. My attraction to the Christine Lingerie brand is anchored in the compositions of her exquisite prints and the extraordinary tailoring of Christine’s designs. They are intimate keepsakes. Women collect them. The embodiment of elegance, they can be defined by refined grace, and simple style. Once again, this season, I … Read More

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By ELLEN LEWISChristine Lingerie Dark Romance silk print on Lingerie Briefs

I know I am a bit late to the party, but recently, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones, having missed the craze when it was peeking. My husband thought it wouldn’t appeal to me as I have a deep distaste for gratuitous violence and sex in films. But I am fine with it when it weaves the very fabric of the tale setting the course for the dark romance between … Read More

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Detail of Chihuly glass ceiling installation on Lingerie Briefs

I remember earlier in my retail career, whenever I felt too bogged down in paperwork, I would abandon my desk and re-merchandise the selling floor. It was like mental yoga, balancing color and form without compromising focus on key items. The challenge refreshed me. Today, a little under the weather and on a publishing deadline, I decided that the best salve for my current physical and mental challenges would be to soak in a little … Read More

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Christine Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There has been some commentary on social media recently questioning the use of the Japanese Geisha as a reference for design. It has been called out as what some see as the glorification of women serving men. I find this perspective incredulous. It is clear that this statement precludes knowledge of the Geisha culture. These women hold a powerful place in Japanese society. The word actually translates to artisan. In his book, Geisha, A LifeRead More

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When I lived in New York’s Hudson Valley, surrounded by endless winter woods, it was the tremendous Magnolia tree in our back yard that announced the shift in seasons. Over the years, its branches grew to form a canopy so large that sitting beneath its branches was to find myself enveloped in luxurious solitude. It was the explosion of silky blossoms that briefly embraced this space in April that formed a sight line to spring. … Read More

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It’s wedding season and as you can imagine, there is quite a buffet of ivory and white dominating the lingerie landscape at the moment. But  here in the Baha Sur where color is augmented by the intense light and flowers tend to be deep penetrating hues, I have been thinking about the kind of wedding one might plan  in Cabo: bold and seductive, rich and luxurious. It reminds me of Christine Lingerie’s Muse collection of … Read More

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christine vancouver ss14

Yesterday I got caught in a flash flood here in Connecticut. I was taking a riding lesson when a wicked downpour exploded over the ring. Thunder and lightning forced an immediate dismount.  By the time we got the horses back to the barn, there was water everywhere and rising fast.  We took refuge in the hayloft to wait it out.  That storm defies the fact that summer is over even if this weekend is the … Read More

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