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Embroidering From The Heart ~ The Soul Expression of Cecilia Roger

April 29, 2015


Cecilia Roger considers herself a painter of embroideries. “Needles are my brushes, threads are my pigments and precious fabrics are my canvasses.” Her creative spark is sustained by the vast knowledge and continuous exploration of the ancient art of silk embroidery. She is championing one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. We enter her intimate world of embellished handbags and home furnishings with renewed appreciation for this art, fascinated by Cecilia’s own devotion to it.


A native of Milan, presently living in Italy and Switzerland, Cecilia was sensitive to the rich historical and design influences of her surroundings early on. Her childhood passion to construct objects by hand enhanced a foundation of the belief system that “working with one’s hands helps us to connect to our soul and reveal our inner treasure.” Ultimately this philosophy nurtured a focal point of her artistic quest – creating embroideries.


In pursuit of her mastery of various embroidery techniques Cecilia crossed the globe, gaining her expertise at such prestigious places like The Lesage School in Paris and Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court UK. But it is her love of nature that bonded her to the unique sensibilities of Japanese embroidery and guided her travels to Japan and The Japanese Embroidery Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia.


Japanese embroidery heritage is abundant with motif symbolism, intricately attuned to the rhythms of the natural seasons. The actual embroidery process is a tranquil ritual which demands more than technical excellence. Every contemplative and graceful stitch is in harmony with a meditative intent to raise an awareness from within. Breezing from the hands through the needle and the silk thread the spirit of the artist co-creates a “shimmering painting” and reaches the heart. As the main source of inspiration, the sacred qualities of this path are tenderly reflected in Cecilia’s art. The beauty of her work is insightful and timeless.





Love At First Bite ~ Virgin Chocolate By Raaka

February 8, 2015


“If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.”
Jane Seabrook, Furry Logic Laugh at Life

To experience the sensory pleasure of melting chocolate at first bite is to take an epicurean joyride with a divine taste. It may rival a thrill of a passionate kiss, but it is a love adventure beyond the earthly realms.


According to Mayan cultures the noble tree of cacao, scientifically known as Theobroma cacao (drink of the gods in Greek) is a god’s gift to mankind. Shrouded in myth, this heaven’s original with ancestral roots in the Amazon Rainforest leaped into the vortex of history millenniums ago, shaping the course of human experience, its cultures, conquests and commerce on the global scale.


The sacred edible, later known as chocolate started out as an ambrosia for the privileged, consumed in the ceremonial rites of passage. Exchanged as a currency, the cacao bean was money that grew on trees. Recognized for its healing properties and mood-enhancing qualities early on, a chocolate beverage was perceived to arouse and was enjoyed in great quantities before a sexual act. Even today cacao is used in the marriage rituals in South and Central America.


Whether It is a potent aphrodisiac or not, chocolate’s tempting role in the modern romance endures. And the art of chocolate making is expanding, focused on ethically creating a natural, heart-healthy, superior specimen.

It is no surprise that new “hipster chocolatiers” have emerged and are thriving in Brooklyn, a booming frontier of homegrown artistry, culinary sophistication and sustainability.


Located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, Raaka (“raw” in Finnish) is an award-winning chocolate maker, specializing in creating “virgin” chocolate made from unroasted cocoa beans.  One of the first products to be certified by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce as “Brooklyn Made,” hand-crafted bean-to-bar raw chocolate is made with single-origin cacao and organic ingredients that are soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan.


Ryan Cheney founded Raaka as an artisanal, social enterprise with a responsible sourcing and green practices. Teaming up with Nate Hodge, a barsmith-extraordinaire, the company started making bars in 2010 to explore the complex and nuanced flavors of raw chocolate.


The packaging is designed by Elissa Barbieri of Loop, eco-conscious stationery and textile brand based in Philadelphia. Inspired by nature, intricate, delicately-drawn patterns are printed on recycled paper with soy inks and processed with wind-generated energy – hardly a throwaway.

A chocolate factory with its own retail shop, chocolate making classes, factory tours and exclusive First Nibs monthly membership is a chocolate lover paradise.

“Happiness is unroasted” at Raaka.




Phytointimacy Up Close And Personal – Botanical Arts Of Sharon Slowik

November 13, 2014


photo-4If you are ready to meet your soulmate or a twin flame of a garden variety (and we all have more than one), then Sharon Slowik is a matchmaker for you. Sharon is a plant whisperer. Her pioneering botanical oeuvre spans from creating “intelligent” experiential textiles to an essential oil and a horticulture therapy. Revealing our individual relationships with plants, it’s effects and benefits, her multidimensional botanical work radically shifts our attention to the influential presence of the plant kingdom in our lives. By facilitating the custom-fit alliances with plants which are uniquely our match, created through her artistic expression and healing practice, we are offered an opportunity to become intimately engaged with our phyto-partners on the path to profound personal growth … Read more




September 11, 2014

Part 3 ~ Meet the PURE Seamless Tank for Women


PURE Seamless stemmed from a design recipe, intending to bring forth Yin Yang polarities, together fusing the man’s undershirt and vintage corsetry in its essence.

pure-seamless-moon+venus4pure-seamless-moon+venus5While being an agent for shared intimacy, the tank may not be the first or only item of clothing that women boldly plucked out of men’s wardrobes for their own comfort and pleasure. After all, at one time men rivaled women in their love of wearing lace, an arena where females now rule. As a sartorial muse and a stand-in for voluptuous androgyny, the tank sparked an idea for a visual and tactile design palate that turned the heat on. Adding a dash of vintage corsetry DNA into the mix … Read more



PURE Seamless Intro: Part 2 ~ Lace Me Up! Lace Me Down! A CORSET

September 4, 2014

by Marina Rybak ~ Moon & Venus


Enveloped in its own controversies, the corset has been holding its firm grip on the feminine principle for half of the millennium. Its original function was to emphasize a slender waist, perceived as a sign of great feminine beauty. It was viewed as a status symbol of the elite, whose ability to be restrained in such a manner was associated with being virtuous and privileged.








When exposed, the corset exhibited an extravagance afforded by the wealthy. At times it was a reflection of vanity and female competitiveness. The flirtatious act of unlacing through the holes was charged with the power of suggestion and was a prelude to a sexual act, coquettishly implying … Read more



Moon & Venus Introduces PURE Seamless: Part 1 “HEY, STELLA !”…

August 28, 2014

…Satorial Muse Turns The Heat On

Following the inspiration’s trajectory a new design concept is developed.

A Star was born when a Method actor, a relative newcomer fired off “Hey, Stella-a-a!” in the 1951’s acclaimed film adaptation of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, the renowned play by Tennessee Williams. Marlon Brando’s emotionally raw portrayal of Stanley Kowalski was not only a milestone achievement in cinematic history, it was a landmark moment with a sartorial flare.marlon

While hailed as the screen’s “most forceful presence”, his torn T-shirt clad persona, reeking of sweat and “brutish desire”, shocked and aroused the audience. The steamy appearance of Brando in sullied white tank, dripping with untamed male sensuality, is embedded in our pop culture psyche.… Read more


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