Spotlight on Janira


Your Top 3 Panty Wishes Answered! Magic Band by Janira

February 15, 2017

Finally, the perfect panty collection that every woman has wished for is here! Magic Band is truly in a class by itself. This extraordinary line encompasses every possible wish in an undergarment!

Janira’s Magic Band ANSWERS 3 TOP WISHES:

1) Virtually Invisible – no panty lines, no side seams or edging. Wear with leggings, tight pants/skirts with no visible marks!

2) Absolute Comfort ~ designed to NEVER ride up, adapts seductively to the “derriere” and comfortably stays put (they really don’t move!)

3) Feminine & Seductive ~ created with unique ultra ‘flat lace’ fabric which is nearly transparent and so feminine – looks gorgeous and sexy on every body type.

A bonus to add to the perfection of Magic Band is they also have the FAMOUS JANIRA COTTON TERRY GUSSET TOO! Which is recommended by Gynecologists, regulates the PH, is absorbent and eliminates odor.

All MAGIC BAND by Janira styles feature beautifully feminine, extra-flat lace, they are virtually invisible under clothing – no VPLs, and all styles stay put and never rides up at all. If there was ever a magic panty collection, this is it! Several styles to fit every woman’s individual taste and body shape. Colors: black, nude, Light Pink, Ivory, Nougat (light coffee color) and Dark Navy for Fall! Made in Barcelona Spain.

See the JANIRA line including the Magic Band Collection
at CurveNY ~ Booth 424!




Leggings That Love You Back! Janira

January 7, 2017


Janira, the fabulous Spanish underwear and lingerie brand offers a delectable collection of sleek, sexy leggings to wear on any occasion! Plus they’re not just fashionable, they help you look slimmer and firmer. Shown above is Janira’s Vienre Plano Legging that features a sweet, flat tummy effect thanks to the double internal fabric that reduces up to one size. Soft, stretch viscose fabric.

For a great shaping legging that really hides those little imperfections – look no further than Janira’s PUSH-UP Legging. With a shaping push-up effect, it makes cellulite virtually invisible! Super comfortable too in black, chocolate and navy, sizes S-XL. The classy MAYA Legging is simplicity with a modern touch of elegance. Made with ‘Ponte di roma’ fabric, these feature a stylish, thin line in imitation leather down the leg. Available in blue, black and black/silver in sizes S-XL.



Reduce Up To A Dress Size! Janira Secrets

November 30, 2016

*Note ~ product image shown prior is not available in the US or Canada so this popular high rise,
extra firm shapewear; Silueta Forte has been substituted.

It’s holiday party season and wouldn’t it be fabulous to look a dress size smaller or more without dieting! Janira Secrets is your shapewear solution.

The Secrets collection is designed to give women a gorgeous, slimmer look that redefines and trim the silhouette instantly without compromising femininity.

Secrets is the most extensive line of shaping underwear on the market today. By wearing these garments you can drop one dress size or even more. Elegantly and carefully designed, this underwear is designed to fit all your needs – and curves! And thanks to its ergonomic design it respects your natural figure too. Many styles and shaping levels from Mid-level shaping with tanga-effect to xtra-strong shaping effect with ‘Frontal Action’. See the entire SECRETS collection HERE!




Discover Janira ~ Luxury Underwear, Shapewear, Leggings, Lingerie & More…

November 16, 2016


Janira, established over 65 years ago, is known worldwide as the leading brand of Spanish underwear, shapewear, lingerie and other apparel for women and men.

Their “made in Barcelona” design label has elevated shapewear to new levels of efficiency and seduction. They are known for their high quality fabrics and latest technological innovations.

This multi-faceted Spanish Lingerie and apparel line is so extensive that it is impossible to display all of Janira’s exquisite products in one article, so here is a sampling of this extraordinary brand’s offerings… with many more styles & lines to showcase in their Spotlight soon!


~ Janira Cero ~cero-shorty

Janira Cero panty is as pretty as it is functional. Women will love that it features zero marks and zero discomfort! With their perfect cut technology, these panties will lie completely flat and smooth at the waist and legs. Virtually undetectable under your clothes. These fabulous panties can’t be seen, and you don’t feel. The Cero line styles include: Braga (Bikini) Shorty & Tanga (Thong).

~ Janira Greta ~


Janira Greta panties have floral-inspired lace with elegant transparency. The panties come in very sophisticated designs with the original “tanga effect”. In microfiber, these garments allow you to seduce without compromising on comfort. The Greta line consists of 6 styles; Brislip, Niki, High Slip, Carey, Shorty & Slip Queen (2XL-3XL).

~ Janira Secrets ~

Janira Secrets is the genuine “tanga effect” SHAPEWEAR. Mark-free garments thanks to the fabric and special edging-free finishes. The comfort of panties and the sophistication of a thong in garment.
There are many styles in the Secrets line ~ here are a few of the best sellers…

Silueta Forte (shown above)culotte-vientre-plano

A Perfect Silhouette with Extra Abdominal Effect, specially designed to act in the abdomen area with a high compression fabric and double reinforcement. Molds the silhouette and redefines your curves and reduces your silhouette up to one size. A garment that also incorporates the advantages of the authentic “TANGA EFFECT”, which on the back is invisible and does not mark. Thanks to its imperceptible fabric and its finishes without borders. It will be your secret to wear the tightest garments in an elegant and slender way.

Culotte Vientre Plano
The optimal fusion in a single garment that stylizes your thighs and reduces your abdomen.

~ Secrets Figure Shapewear ~

In the Figure Secrets line (features beautiful flat lace)

With Secrets Figure Shapeware you can drop one dress size or even more! Elegantly and carefully designed, this underwear is designed to fit all your needs – and curves! Ergonomic and push-up design that enhances the chest. Comfort and perfect silhouette without marks, with the seduction of floral design lace. Breathable, rich and extra-flat.

~ Magic Band Panties ~

The MAGIC BAND series is also called among JANIRA fans the “3 SECRET WISHES”!

1.  Comfortable: light and fresh fabric, it does not move or ride up at all.
2.  Invisible: non-marking, extra-flat lace without edges.
3.  Feminine: adapts seductively to the “derriere”!

In the Magic Band line, there are 3 great styles; Brislip, Carey & Shorty.

~ Cotton Esencial ~

Janira Cotton Esencial panties have all undergone the ‘Super-Cotton’ treatment, which confers on the fabric greater uniformity refinement. Designed to meet the needs of today’s woman, who wants the benefits of a natural fibre without forgoing technological features.  Several beautiful styles and many sizes.




Janira is the leading brand of Spanish underwear, high end quality lingerie, comfortable shapewear, leggings and more. Established over 65 years ago and specializing in all of a woman’s underwear needs, they provide everyday cotton panties, lacy shortys to state of the art shapewear. Janira is recognized as one of the world’s top brands of shapewear. Their “made in Barcelona” design label has elevated shapewear to new levels of efficiency and seduction. They are known for their high quality fabrics and latest technological innovations. The JANIRA shapeweaer redefines and trim the silhouette instantly without compromising femininity. Janira now offers leggings that shape the legs, thighs and tummy while hiding imperfections