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Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

In the spirit of Gustav Klimt, it might be said that for Helen Sanchez Holiday 2018, “All that glitters might be gold”. Once again Helen’s signature one size kimono shines through. In her ubiquitous design hand Helen has created a collection of luxury silk boudoir lingerie ripe for dressing up or lounging around.

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

The Sangria Collection is a mouth watering toast to a season where luxury lingerie stakes a claim. Rich 19 mummy silk intimates are an offer to oneself or luscious gifts for another. These pieces are delicate treasures that will ignite any wardrobe.  Hand sewn in NYC, they are boudoir jewels, meant to evoke as well as provoke. In any case, it is worth imbibing.

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Inspired by Shakespeare’s “Merhant of Venice”, Helen Sanchez channels Portia to design the Rosado silk collection for Fall 19. Draped in luxurious 19 mummy silk and detailed with exquisite lace, these pieces transform a woman’s body into a sensual landscape.  Hand crafted in New York City under the watchful eye of the designer herself, each piece is is created with a couture like approach. Worn inside the boudoir or out for an elegant evening soirée, every element is worthy of Helen’s credo “Slip in and out of identities”

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie Rosario collection featured on Lingerie Briefs

Helen Sánchez Luxury Lingerie - Portia collection as seen on Lingerie BriefsTimeless luxury lingerie with a contemporary edge is how one might describe the essence of Helen Sánchez’s collections. For those less familiar with the brand, Helen Sánchez has been designing intimate apparel for over 2 decades, much of that time designing for some of the world’s most premiere brands. A New York native, Helen is esteemed as one of the best in the business, a pioneer of the ‘lifestyle luxury lingerie’ trend ~ before it was even a trend! Deliberately designed to stand alone in the boudoir OR be worn as outerwear, each piece is made to order with supreme attention to detail, she oversees every stitch. Helen Sanchez is a hard working, single mother in a competitive NY fast-paced world ~ she understands women’s similar desires for quality and luxury.

Through word of mouth, Helen Sánchez has been steadily building a Luxury Brand, pairing sophistication with simplicity and applying this visionary approach with every step, defining and developing the brand.

From The Bedroom To The Boardroom

Helen Sanchez silk pajamas - as seen on Lingerie BriefsInspired by men’s tailoring with feminine lines, the finest silks and stretch laces are used to create her luxury pajamas, nightgowns, camisoles, chemises and kimonos. Featuring elegant small touches and details, garments delicately tailored for everyday wear yet completely sustainable in the bedroom. Unique silk piping, perfect buttons, touches of lace and applique on gowns achieve perfection. Helen Sánchez Luxury Intimates are made for the very modern woman who appreciates that wearing exquisite garments is empowering.

From the Helen Sánchez PORTIA Collection ~ Cami & Thong seen on Lingerie BriefsFrom the Helen Sánchez PORTIA Collection ~ Cami & Thong

Many gorgeous collections from gowns, pajamas and kimonos to bras, thongs, bodysuits and cami’s are available for order at specialty boutiques and lingerie shops as well as HERE.Testimonial on Helen Sanchez lingerie by Top Drawer Lingerie in Texas

Leopard silk Kimono designed by Helen Sánchez (seen on Lingerie Briefs)Helen Sánchez exquisite silk Kimonos’s
Kimonos by Helen Sánchez - seen on Lingerie Briefs

Helen Sánchez says of her design philosophy:
“I like to design garments that allow you to slip in and out of identities.”


Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Last week I visited Helen Sánchez at her Chelsea (NYC) Atelier.  Fruit, rugelach, coffee and a lengthy conversation about the loss of “affordable” luxury at retail ensued. I’ve known from the onset that the evolution of big box stores into a banker’s paradise would stem the tide of design creativity at retail. But I really believe in the pendulum effect (I’ve been reading a lot of history this summer). Art cannot be stifled. Perseverance can seed a barren landscape. Helen was well schooled in the fundamentals of design, graduating from FIT to apprentice under the venerable Norma Kamali. But it was the desire to make her own statement that steered her to take the leap. That jump can be treacherous, flying in thin air for a while, no strings attached. You have to have passion. Helen does. For me, a self-appointed merchandising anthropologist who is forever probing the cultural pulse for valuable product, studying Helen’s talent was worth the pursuit.

Helen Sanchez Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I met Helen several years ago at a trade show. She doesn’t do them anymore. Her sale’s success depends on a slow seepage through alternative channels. But, I have kept in touch watching the continuity of her hand as well as the operational flow of her brand. She is an artist with intent. It is evident in her signature Bedroom to Boardroom lounge collection. Cut with meticulous attention to detail, every seam, buttonhole, hemline and stitch tell a complete story. The construction is so astute, one could define these pajamas as silk architecture, a feminine take based on classic deco design. These pieces , all sewn in NYC, are meant to be layered into a modern wardrobe.  Helen’s mission, to bring lingerie to a higher level of fashion harmony, is realized. She is a pioneer in the design movement that is blurring boundaries and bringing intimates out of the closet.

“There Are No Boundaries Or Borders In The Digital Age” ~Karim Rashid


Helen Sanchez eyelet embroidery details on silk/cotton voile

Since I think of myself more as a curator than an actual artist, the discovery of raw talent with a sustainable vision is the way I nourish my own creative appetite.  What makes the Curve show so satisfying is the ability to find an idea, a style or a designer whose presence in the Lingerie market is destined to make a difference.   There is a variety of  contributions that a well-conceived product can transfer to the bottom line, but first and foremost, nothing quite surpasses the impact of pure beauty when the subject is lingerie.  A uniquely feminine process, intimate design is a sensual and exquisite art form that, when well executed, ignites a very visceral impulse.

This is the reaction I had when I initially saw the Helen Sanchez collection at CurveNY last February.  But since continuity is how I reinforce my perspective, it was at this August show that I locked in my opinion.  This is an investment brand, classic and elegant.  Clearly crafted with a well-schooled eye for intimate fit and function, these are luxury styles that manage to maintain a relaxed and comfortable attitude.  Helen Sanchez - Lace applique on knitAn interesting Helen Sanchez eyelash lace pastels on silk cami'smélange of modernity with bohemian Paris, pre-war Berlin, and art deco influences, Helen’s personal passion for intimate design is quite clear.  Her brand is a gallery of timeless lingerie art.

“Every concrete object
has abstract value,
is timeless in the
dream parallel.” 
Hilda Doolittle


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