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As a fan of graphic art design and advertising, I experience such joy when I see the two smartly combined.  It’s especially fun when I see the world of lingerie creatively revealed in this format.  If you spend time on Pinterest like I do, you can discover thousands of inspiring works of graphic art that expertly speak volumes with just a nuance, an expression, or even a trick on the eyes.  When creativity and brilliance combine, a timeless campaign is born.  Here are a few examples of bra and breast-related images that I found smart, cheeky, often food-filled, and definitely worth sharing!




Lingerie Briefs_alphaboobies-anthonyPeters












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Les Jupons deTess_LingerieBriefs

Les Jupons de Tess is what we consider a “boutique label”, meaning it’s a luxury product intended for someone with discriminating taste.  More specifically, it is a sensual lingerie brand with a refinement and sophistication that is meant to evoke18th-Century style.  That being said, the use of ruffles and ribbons (that were associated with fashions of that time) are a constant in each collection.  This Parisian label (whose name translates to “Tess’s petticoats”) aims to offer designs that tastefully mix seduction and grace, and it is clear they have hit their mark.

We are thrilled to be able to provide a preview of what’s in-store for the Les Jupons de Tess in 2017.  Here is a peek at our favorite looks from the two collections they make: LJT by Les Jupons de Tess (identifiable with its light colors, lace and ruffles) and Collection Les Jupons ...Read more



Madame Aime is a luxury lingerie brand that beautifully captures a subtle, refined elegance in each of its designs.  The label, founded in 2014, playfully takes on the persona of “Madame Aime” who lives in a world where she creates her own version of the feminine ideal.  The ideal being someone who wants fashion and beauty to be a constant in her innerwear and outerwear, someone who enjoys getting dolled up but doesn’t take herself too seriously, and someone who loves incorporating luxury into her wardrobe.  The goal of the brand is to create a collection that blurs the boundaries of boudoir and bedroom, allowing its designs to transition freely from lingerie to ready-to-wear.

The team behind Madame Aime is proudly based in France, where their collections are entirely created and produced by skilled artisans.  They believe the proximity of the design team to the factory better … ...Read more


Oysho on LingerieBriefs

For those of us in the lingerie industry (me being a former lingerie boutique owner), it is our job to represent a multitude of brands.  There are the labels we sell, the labels we blog about, and the labels that sponsor us.  Most important, however, are the brands we actually wear in our daily life.  We all have a particular bra and panty style that we grab from the drawer more frequently than others!  For me, there are several brands that fit that category (like Marlies Dekkers, Stella McCartney and Hanky Panky), and most recently it is Oysho.  This Spanish company covers all the bases of a well-rounded lingerie brand; bras, panties, loungewear, swimwear and activewear (there’s even footwear and accessories!). Personally I am a fan of their lingerie because it is equally fashion-focused and wearable.  I appreciate a bra that makes a statement from front … ...Read more



If you’re a fan of Instagram like I am, you realize the wonderful places it can take you.  For instance one afternoon I had the pleasure of discovering the UK luxury brand Hadley Smythe.  I saw this striking girl who bears resemblance to Dita Von Teese, and instantly fell in love with the inspiration photos she posted, the multitude of pattern-filled vacation photos she has shared, and ultimately the lingerie and swimwear she has designed.  It is such a pleasure when a designer personally embodies the brand they create!  Hadley Smythe is both glamorous in her daily life and in her work.  Her label is a luxurious throwback to early 1950s glamour, with an emphasis on bodysuit styles (whether as lingerie or swim).  The moody, gauzy images that fill the gallery on her website transport you to a different time and place; a place of nostalgia.  … ...Read more

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