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This is a continuation of the Sexy Survivor Lingerie series.  You‘ve now heard a little about two survivor stories and what these women chose for undergarments. Here are two more; both quite compelling and involving single lumpectomy with radiation treatment and a radical mastectomy with prosthesis as well as their current challenges, still years later – 16 and 20 years afterwards.  They shared their stories about their requirements at the time of … Read More


This is a continuation of the December 6th, 2015 article about Sexy Survivor Lingerie for the Holidays.  Back in November I traveled to New England and visited a few business colleagues, now breast cancer survivors.  I interviewed three survivors with unique situations having endured breast cancer treatments and inquired about their therapies and recovery.  Most importantly, what they wore during recovery and would have preferred to have worn – these … Read More


I was always inspired by black lace, sultry designs, couture and sexy lingerie.  I typically bought high-end lingerie for years before and even after my diagnosis with breast cancer, although afterwards, I was challenged.  The post-surgical apparel lines with any brand from hospitalists to retailers were as utilitarian as were the over-garments.  The market was remiss and I had to get creative.


I ended up buying stretch camisoles that provided support and … Read More



As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I have tried many products that help support the fashion transition following surgery. Earlier this month, I wrote about leading bras and brands (Belly Bandit, Ana Ono, Posture Wings, Sophia Rose) that offer additional stylishe products that continue to attract buyers for today’s woman engaged in various stages of post breast-recovery .  Now let’s dive a little deeper into some additional brands including Bellisse, Red Read More



Today’s woman has many options at different stages in her life for Intimate Apparel and I think that’s great.  From adolescence, pre-teen, teen age years to adult, to post-recovery bras for various breast surgeries or life/health issues that impacts our bodies.  We fit the mold and manufacturers have traditionally provided support for women of all ages.

I will never forget my first lime green and white stripe “training bra” Mom bought with … Read More



I am a true believer in Genetic Counseling.  I had my first genetic testing after I conceived my first child, and then again with my second child with  amniocentesis; a very common and known procedure for women over 35 who conceive later in life.  This is when a small sample of the amniotic fluid which protects the fetus from injury and helps to regulate the temperature is taken.  These cells contain … Read More

JeanHeadshotby JEAN CRISS, Breast Briefs’ new columnist  

I never would have dreamed that to-date I would have experienced so many life tragedies at such a young age including widowhood, breast cancer with various traumas from numerous post-surgical procedures including bi-lateral lumpectomy with radiation to bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery four times, MRSA, breast cellulitis three times, breast fat graph, and more all within a four-year window… Add to this, divorce followed by unemployment from the … Read More

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