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Just before my trip to New York for Curvexpo, I ran to a nearby mall to grab some things for the trip. Specifically, I needed a fresh-looking black shirt.

As I looked around the clothing department of one store, I was approached by a salesperson who asked if she could put some items in a dressing room for me – which she did. I tried on the two black shirts I had found, but wasn’t feeling excited about either of them, so I left. On the way out, I received a quick, friendly farewell from the saleswoman.

At the next store, I went into the equivalent department and was, again, approached by a salesperson. This time, she asked me some questions about what I needed, and why. I told her about my trip as we poked through the racks, looking at black shirts. We pulled a few … ...Read more

5 Ways to Fail at Curvexpo



With the trade shows coming up, you get to choose how you want to approach them. Many will discover new ways to grow and thrive. Some will not.

Here are 5 things you can do to fail at your Curvexpo experience:

1) Don’t Have a Plan

Arriving at a trade show without doing any prep work for your meetings with vendors is like the nightmare of showing up naked and unprepared for your college finals. Buying goes far beyond your opinion of what’s pretty. It’s strategic and data-driven. Doing some analysis of your numbers will make your buying easier and much more profitable.

2) Don’t Network

Most specialty retailers work long hours and have limited time to compare notes with other lingerie business owners. Being at Curvexpo should be a kid-in-a-candy-shop experience. You’re surrounded by row after row of incredible lingerie and hundreds of other people who … ...Read more



This question might keep you up at night. If it doesn’t I invite you to ask yourself why not. You spend a ton of time in your business. Maybe more time than you spend on anything else in your life.

Including time with your family.

Including sleep.

So ensuring your business is EXCELLENT in all things is incredibly important.

I see many businesses decide that ADEQUATE is good enough. If you’re one of those people, let me save you some time – there’s no need for you to read any further.

I was talking to a retailer recently, and she was complaining about her business. She was frustrated by her customers, her employees, and her vendors. She wanted to be more successful with the businesses and asked me to help her turn things around.

As much as I felt sad for her and her customers, I declined … ...Read more


There are many great reasons to visit the Paris Salon De La Lingerie. Of course, Paris is an inspiration in itself.

Whether the weather is blue skies, typical January gray, or the occasional – and unexpected – snow (I’m looking at YOU, 2013) the city’s romantic air always engages a lingerie-friendly mindset.


This year, thousands of buyers will descend on the Porte de Versailles (last year more than 16,000 of them) to see upwards of 400 exhibiting brands. These buyers and thousands of other visitors will explore the six distinct worlds of the show.

Many will focus on the DESIGNER LABELS, which showcase the luxury collections, and THE ESSENTIALS, which make up the market’s key lingerie and corsetry brands.

Savvy retailers will want to balance their foundational purchases with visits to the world of COCOONING, where the nightwear, loungewear and indoor/outdoor homewear brands … ...Read more



2014 is ending already? Wow – this year was a blur! Seems like summer was yesterday. Last winter’s endless snow and cold could have been the day before that. And yet…we’ve covered a lot of ground together in this Retail Briefs column.

Let’s take a quick look back at some of the highlights of our time together here.

We started the year by wrapping up our series on buying strategy, with a look at markdowns to SKU analysis. A solid buying strategy is the bedrock of any lingerie retail business. By taking the time to understand core customers and what they buy, a business can be extremely targeted in making inventory decisions. That means selling more at full price, jumping on markdowns in a timely manner, and assessing SKUs to refine the next set of buying decisions. When done correctly, a buying strategy is an ongoing … ...Read more

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