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By HELEN MASTERS ~ London Briefs

Pure Chemistry British Brand featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve never been known for being in the right place at the time – I missed Super Saturday at the iconic 2012 London Olympics, was out of the country at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and have never been able to get membership to Mahiki…  However, recently for possibly the first time in my life I have found myself in exactly the right place at exactly the right time – and not once, but twice!  Where, pray tell, I hear you ask, and when? Let me explain…

Right place right time #1 – Windsor, UK on Saturday 19 May

Yes, that’s right, as a proud resident of Windsor in the UK, I had a front row seat to the wedding of the year – the delightful union of Prince Harry and the gorgeous Meghan.  And what more fitting way than to kick off my new London Briefs Column – hopefully another great UK-US union – than a review of the blushing bride’s lingerie….?  That of course brings me to:

Right place right time #2 – London Briefs, 30 May  

I’m delighted to have joined the Lingerie Briefs team and to be able to offer an insight into the UK Lingerie world – straight from the streets of London. As a London based lingerie retailer and now a business consultant working with brands and retailers across the UK, I aim to bring you the inside track on everything London and Lingerie. Look out for the regular ‘Helen’s Hot List’ with my impartial tips for the top brands and retailers on the UK lingerie and intimate apparel scene plus lots of features on British trends & tastes – all washed down with a nice cup of tea of course…

But for now, back to the question of the moment – what exactly was Meghan wearing under that gorgeous Givenchy dress?  (more…)