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The UK INDX show featured on Lingerie Briefs

Despite the worst gales and floods we have seen all winter, the lingerie industry came out in force for the biggest UK intimate apparel trade show in the calendar – INDX.

I braved my own way through the adverse weather, arriving 2 hours late thanks to delayed trains , and I have to say I was delighted that I did  – once again this fabulous show proved how our industry is now stronger than ever – after weathering a fair few storms of our own in the last few years.… ...Read more

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By HELEN MASTERS ~Tatu Couture indie designer lingerie- sultry back on Xena bodysuit featured on Lingerie BriefsBritain is rarely out of the news these days thanks to Brexit giving us centre place on the world stage, so what better time to focus on the hottest British indie brands of the moment?

Just in time for Gift season, my latest blog features an expanded Hot List and rounds up my top 5 Indie Brands – this is luxury lingerie and loungewear to die for!

Helen’s Hot List

Hot British Brand  #1 – TATU COUTURE

Fusing tailoring techniques and ready-to-wear elements into lingerie, Tatu Couture creates ‘timeless works of art for the body’. The brand was founded in 2012 by lingerie designer Luisa Sidoli and is in my opinion a hidden gem. Luisa’s vision was to steer the brand away from mass production, towards skillfully developed and hand produced investment pieces that stand out through unique design, exquisite craftsmanship & luxurious fabrics.… ...Read more

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The Great British Summer


Great British Summer by Helen Masters on Lingerie Briefs

After what has felt like a slow start here in London, the Great British Summer is finally upon us – and in the chaotic times we are living in, boy do we need it!

As with many other aspects of life, Brits have their own unique take on summer, so I felt it only right to share some great British summer traditions (some stylish – some less so) with my US cousins.

For the low down on how to do the Great British Summer in style – whether you are going high-brow in Henley or casual in Croydon, here is my list of customs to follow (plus a few to avoid) and how to do it in style with the best Brit brands. … ...Read more

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Uniquely British Style


British Royal Icons as featured o n Lingerie BriefsAt a time when all eyes are on Britain – thanks to the imminent arrival of Brexit day… many commentators have been debating what being British is all about and indeed what the British way of life will be going forward. In an attempt to glam up the conversation at a time when many Brits are quite frankly bored or frustrated with the politics of Brexit, I am asking the really crucial question – the one on everyone’s lips: ‘What is British style?’ Brit style is often seen as quirky, eccentric and original but is it really? And beyond that how do you define it? Well, one thing that is true is that London has long been a global fashion center. With London fashion Week now in its 69th year and fashion contributing £33 billion or $42 billion to the UK economy, it is up there with Paris and New York in the style stakes – so what is the London look all about? … ...Read more

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Lingerie – The Ultimate Gift ?? (TIP To Male Readers: This Column Will Solve All Your Gift Buying Headaches! )

Holiday Season in England

My recent columns have explored the themes of love and relationships and of course the difference between US and UK lingerie tastes. They have sparked some interesting comments and debate which inspired me for this next column to look into how the approach to the traditional gift season that is soon to be upon us varies between the UK and the US and, in the spirit of keeping all partnerships happy this Xmas, to unveil my top tips for lingerie gifts this season both sides of the Atlantic.

Holiday season in NYC

So how does our attitude to Gift Season vary?

Well, all I can say is ‘Ooh to be Stateside this time of year!’  Halloween, Thanksgiving , Xmas and New Year’s and then of course Valentine’s are all major celebrations and great gift opportunities.… ...Read more

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