Maternity Briefs

New Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 in powder blue featured on Lingerie BriefsNew moms who just have brought their sweet bundle of joy into the world should know that a good quality bra for breastfeeding is essential. This new Anita Seamless Nursing Bra #5096 might be her new best friend! The ultra stylish,wire-free nursing bra provides a modern, feel-good design with brilliant breastfeeding comfort for everyday wear.

The Seamless Nursing Bra is made with silky-smooth microfiber fabric in stylish pastel tones. Removable, concealing foam cups provide extra … Read More


Mari M Maternity sleepwear on Lingerie Briefs

 I’ve always been a fan of gorgeous robes and pajamas, but most of the stuff you see in the maternity market tends to reflect comfort and function rather than luxury and beauty. I was pleasantly surprised to run into Brazilian brand Mari M, which clearly seems to believe that glamour is for everyone!

Mari M started in 1998 and has branched out into a myriad of different categories. They cover fashion … Read More


On Gossamer's Next to Nothing Maternity Bra featured on Lingerie Briefs

I have a highly fashionable friend who recently gave birth, who is dealing with being a new mom like a superhero but is really struggling with the loss of her former style. Like many new moms, she feels trapped in her cheap and ugly stretch clothing but also unable to move on from it (she says she’s changing her shirt at least three times a day at this point due to the … Read More


Silent Arrow maternity bra on Lingerie Briefs

I’m not a mom, but I’ve quickly learned that motherhood is everywhere in your early 30’s. I’ve already seen scores of friends approach it differently: while some triple down on the ballet lessons, others put in baby shower requests for non-gendered clothing. I even know someone who didn’t tell anyone except her family that she was pregnant until she had the baby — we were all pretty surprised when pictures of her … Read More


The Lotus pumping bra frm Cake Maternity on Lingerie Briefs

The New Year is traditionally a time when many of us are trying to get back into our pre-holiday routines. If you’re nursing or pregnant, the whole thing may seem way more complicated this year than it has previously! Exercise helps elevate one’s sense of self, well-being and provides a healthy escape from a sometimes overwhelming routine. As the female body evolves through the stages of early motherhood, it’s nice to know … Read More


Anita Maternity lingerie on Lingerie BriefsAnita

For a long time, babies were something that never crossed my mind. As someone who had picked dogs and a business over children, they didn’t seem relevant to my life experience — until I hit my early 30’s. All of the sudden, babies are everywhere! My friends are having babies and posting about morning sickness on social media. I end up picking out baby clothes on a regular basis for other … Read More

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