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Elomi Molly Maternity Bra for Plus sizes in blush as featured on Lingerie Briefs

You’d think that at a time in your life where everything (including your breasts) get bigger that more maternity brands would be focusing on making an expanded range of cup sizes. The reality is much different. If you’re above a G cup it can still be hard to find a maternity or nursing bra that works for you, especially if you still want to keep your beloved underwired bras on. Some of … Read More


Cache Coeur Milk Maternity & Nursing bra & panty as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The most remarkable thing about the Cache Coeur booth at Curve NYC was that it didn’t look at all like a maternity brand. What it did do was ooze French style and flair. The aesthetics of maternity lingerie are often graded on a curve since function and comfort are so important. Cache Coeur is one of the few brands that isn’t making any compromises in terms of style and makes high quality … Read More

Prepare for your new arrival with Wacoal’s new Wire Free Nursing Bra featured on Lingerie BriefsPrepare for your new arrival with Wacoal’s new Wire Free Nursing Bra. New and expecting moms have their hands full, so we’ve designed a wire-free nursing bra that’s comfy and easy to use.Wacoal’s new Wire Free Nursing Bra featured on Lingerie BriefsThis bra makes dressing and nursing effortless. The smooth contour cups are made with breathable fabric-lined cups, there is no nipple show-through, so the finished look-even under a fitted white t-shirt is always polished, and the material against the body is … Read More


One of the biggest challenges of navigating new motherhood is keeping up with the way your body changes. Your body isn’t recognizably yours as you knew it for a long time after giving birth. Trying to shove yourself back into your old clothes and your old routine too soon can be mentally and physically impossible. Since you’re slowly evolving into whatever blend of old you and new you will be your new … Read More


Rain wireless Nursing bra from 32-44, D-H cups as featured on Lingerie Briefs

After moving to the country from the city this summer I’ve found myself looking at my lingerie drawer in a new light. I’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors now that I have a yard and I’ve found myself investing time in activities that I’ve never had a chance to spend time on before, like feeding the songbirds outside my windows. Since I work at home, this means that I basically … Read More


image on Pinterest from Global Citizen

I have a bunch of friends who are new mothers who have returned to work from maternity leave over the past two weeks. Most them got to take the summer off so they could focus on their baby and their new family structure, but they’re now taking on the new challenge of integrating their old work selves into their new “mom” selves. They’re the same people, but now forever changed by the … Read More


Teresa Arthur Photography as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve been thinking a lot about big life changes lately. This isn’t surprising, since I’m moving across the country this week! Now that the chaos of packing up has mostly worn off, I’m finding myself excited about the upcoming autumn season and all of the new beginnings that come with it. As a result, it seems fitting that I’m writing about maternity bras this week, since they always are associated with new … Read More

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