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Fantasie Fusion Bra as seen on Lingerie Briefs

As a lover of color and kitsch, I spent years hating basic bras. I didn’t own any and I didn’t own any clothes that needed any: I was entirely convinced that anyone could get by without a bra that matched their skin tone. Then I moved to the South. By the time July and August rolls around, you start weighing how important your errand or friend is to you when you contemplate putting clothes on at all. When you are motivated enough to leave air conditioning, you spend all of your time in light fabrics that trap as little heat as possible.… Read More

Elomi’s new Nicole collection in black leopard lace with flirty staps that accentuate cleavageFor AW17, Elomi debuts Bijou Flirt and Nicole – two gorgeous styles with on-trend strapping detail.

Elomi's new Bijou Flirt Bra and Brief - strappy and sexyFor Bijou Flirt, Elomi has revived their signature molded Bijou shape with a sassy crossover detailing at the cleavage. Straps interlock as they feed through a silver oval detail at the cup apex while double narrow straps can be connected at the back with a J-hook to create a dramatic crossover effect. Bijou Flirt UW Banded Molded Bra offers plunge without pushup with a low center front and underarm for comfort and a bit less coverage.… Read More

FIORE from Audelle full cup bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

There’s a new girl coming to town. Her name is Fiore. She reminds me of Pippi Longstocking all grown up, but still delightfully independent and pretty self-assured. She’s traveling here from the UK where her family has lived reputably for over 50 years. I met her recently along with some of her friends: Matilda, Daisy and Lyla to name a few. They were all perky, young ingénues working hard to make their way in a new world. As key members of the Audelle Lingerie brand, these intimates are perfect incarnations of British eccentricity; a composition of eclectic design and fundamental basics.  … Read More

A Summer Affair


Whenever I think of the Eberjey brand, for some reason I think of Fire Island, where I used to visit my friend Rebecca for week-ends of R & R.  There is something intrinsically soothing about this beach haven: no cars, sun bleached boardwalks and leisurely bike rides past clapboard cottages.  Even the deer standing unperturbed on the paths adds to the bucolic atmosphere.  Perhaps it’s the ocean air, endless sand dunes or the rhythm of the sea; this setting is a perfect place for a summer honeymoon. … Read More

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