It has been crazy hot this weekend; classic Memorial Day weather, a salute to the arrival of summer. I do not know why this holiday makes me think of all things nautical; beaches, boats, lighthouses and escape, but I suppose growing up on Long Island and living so many years on the ocean watered my psyche.  The strange thing is, because of my proximity to the shore, I never really participated in the NYC summer week-end exodus to Jones Beach, Fire Island and the Hamptons, just to name a few.  Instead, we hunkered down all season and waited for friends to find us.  There is nothing like the casual culture of a sea side community to relax one’s winter soul: the early morning bike rides on the boardwalk, the ferreting for starfish and seashells in the jetties with my children, picnicking on fried chicken and … Read more

by Ellen Lewis ~
I am not quite sure what it is about the bridal business that intrigues me so much. Certainly, it is not the actual event. I was married in City Hall (my choice) to avoid the chaos and fanfare. I think it’s the theatrics, the staging of a dramatic production replete with costumes, scenery and props. The whole drama ignites my inner artist. Like Intimate Apparel, the Wedding Industry is mystical, elegant, playful and steeped in sensuality. It is holistically feminine.

I see this space as a parallel universe to Lingerie because it is first and foremost about women and satisfying their most intimate needs. Its objective is pleasure, the pleasure of feeling special. The abundance and diversity of products dedicated to this pursuit warrants a deeper look. We have decided to focus on Brides and all the things that appeal to … Read more

Euphoria ~ Elomi Swim

It has been exceptionally beautiful in NY the past few days:  no humidity, 80+ degrees, cloudless skies.  It’s the kind of weather that can just make you feel good if you stand still for a few minutes and just take it in.  I had this thought while cruising home from my brother’s yesterday , skylight and windows opened in my mini cooper; even driving on tedious route 84 could not flatten the mood.  For some reason, I was suddenly reminiscing about summers living at the shore, pre-children, when Gerard (my husband) and I would take a run on the boardwalk, eat a leisurely breakfast at The Cozy Nook and hang out with friends on the beach in the late afternoons.  Hours in the salt water and sun, not to mention a sunset margarita; now that was euphoria.

Capturing that sense of well-being and pure contentment … Read more

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A California Sleepwear Company Opens NYC Boutique 

Yesterday, while working on a project with my colleague Margaret Shrum, aka The Lingerie Goddess, we decided to take a break and visit the recently opened Bedhead PJ store located on Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan.  I wanted to show her my new favorite Bedhead print, New York Botanical, which is currently planted on a variety of their luscious cotton sateen sleepwear styles: pajamas, robes and nightshirts.  This brand, known for their crisp, colorful and whimsical patterns has opened a shop totally dedicated to the concept of pajamas as a priority purchase.   The wall of PJ’s tells the entire Bedhead story in one clean, colorful sweep of the eye.  Concise merchandising always brings clarity to the vision.  Excellent execution is often more difficult to conceive.  Bedhead has taken a delightful leap!  inquiries: joanne@bedheadpjs.comRead more

I was 17 when I first realized that the human body was much more than a science phenomenon, but rather, a work of art.  I purchased a book in Paris, which at the time, I thought was very risqué.  Aptly named La Femme, it was a photographic memoir of the naked figure and my initial introduction to a woman’s body as a visual landscape.  I was taught in art class that the torso could define the canvas or as an alternative, I could fill the entire space with the curve of just one limb. How we choose to define this form is to me what beautiful lingerie is all about.  The best underwear preserves the feminine bodyscape, allowing the natural shape to emerge with the most amount of ease.

For years the Austrian based Hanro brand has been recognized for its beautiful mercerized cotton … Read more

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