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By Holly Jackson

Behave Bras bralette with Stayz sleep support system for large busted women as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s impossible not to be charmed by Athena Kasvikis, the owner of Behave Bras. She’s fun, opinionated and totally invested in the idea that everyone is the proud owner of an amazing body that is worthy of support. It’s hard to believe that this bold woman would start a bra company with the word ‘behave’ in the title, but Athena has thoughts on that too. After all, every owner of a pair of awesome breasts has also encountered a time where they wished they didn’t have to think about them quite so much.… Read More


Elomi Matilda Bra in Rose delivering july 2020 as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Elomi was launched in 2008 as a plus size bra brand, a much-needed collection of styles that could satisfy fit needs from 32-48, B-KK (USA P cup) and S-4X. It was welcomed by consumers with open arms and now stands as the number one plus size resource for every lingerie store that I queried. As a merchant I tipped my hat, but I never thought that Elomi could personally work for me. As a large busted, curvy woman, I have always needed bras that skew up in cup sizes above a D cup.… Read More


Lady Emprezz plus size bras for larger bands and smaller cups as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s easy to treat customers groups as a monolith. When consumers demanded better plus-size lingerie options years ago several large companies stepped up to fill the abyss. It is now reasonably easy to find a great bra if you’re a D cup or larger. What it is not easy is to find is a bra if you are a larger band size and a smaller cup size. This niche is seriously under-served even as the plus-size market has expanded.

Once again, a void in the market and an entrepreneurial attitude has upped the ante for hard to fit bra sizes.… Read More


The Rya Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

 I have had a major love affair with Rya Collection since they launched their first sheer robe! A surprise for me at Curve NYC this year was that they are finally launching a plus size collection. My bank account may not be nearly as excited as I am.

The Plus size Rya Bridal Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What wasn’t a surprise was that Rya Collection’s plus-size pieces play to the same strengths as their core size pieces. The line is full of droolworthy robes and gowns with Art Deco inspired trims and sheer embroidered fabrics.… Read More

Curvy Couture soft cup Cotton Luxe Wire-Free is breathable and irresistibility cozy. Featured on Lingerie Briefsby SUMMER ROSE BELTRAN

There’s an influx of bra-less posts during isolation on social media. The question is, how many of them are D+? We tried it and the results were not comfortable or liberating at all. Back pains ensued after 2 hours, I hated my posture, it just wasn’t good.

It’s important to keep somewhat of structure and routine when working from home – especially without a proper desk and ergonomically correct office chair. Maintaining good posture throughout the day of working, cooking, cleaning, is key.… Read More


Bedhead of Pot of Gold Pajamas in stretch organic cotton jersey as featured on Lingerie Briefs

We’re all adjusting to this strange new world we live in for the foreseeable future. Life has blended into one long blur of working from home, wearing stretchy pants and worrying about whether we can find the groceries we need at the store. We’re all wondering what happens when we run out of toilet paper. It’s a terrifying new world out there. Inside, it’s a family affair and Bedhead Pajamas are a perfect #StayatHome wardrobe solution.

I’ve been a big personal fan of Bedhead Pajamas for years and have purchased many pairs from them.… Read More


Ulla Popken Plus size lounewear & swimwear as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I had never heard of Ulla Popken before I came across their booth at Curve, even though they are popular in Germany and the EU. Plus size brands are rare in the EU, but Ulla Popken makes pieces exclusively for sizes 12 to 38! Their booth was a sea of fun prints, innovative loungewear and mix and match pieces that were both playful and sophisticated.

Ulla Popken Plus size lounewear & swimwear as seen on Lingerie Briefs

It’s been a few months since the show and the pieces that stuck with me the most from Ulla Popken were their various tropical inspired lingerie, swimwear and loungewear pieces.… Read More

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