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Fantasie Fusion Bra as seen on Lingerie Briefs

As a lover of color and kitsch, I spent years hating basic bras. I didn’t own any and I didn’t own any clothes that needed any: I was entirely convinced that anyone could get by without a bra that matched their skin tone. Then I moved to the South. By the time July and August rolls around, you start weighing how important your errand or friend is to you when you contemplate putting clothes on at all. When you are motivated enough to leave air conditioning, you spend all of your time in light fabrics that trap as little heat as possible. Basic bras are now a staple in my lingerie drawer and I’m sort of ashamed that I spent so much time deriding them when I was younger.

Fantasie Fusion nude Bra as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Since I’m not a basic bra lover at heart, I’m actually really picky about the basic bras I ...Read more


Hooked Up Shapewear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Shapewear is a huge part of the lingerie industry, but it’s never something that I’ve really prioritized. Whenever I try it I have that Goldilocks experience: something is always rolling up or down awkwardly and I end up feeling like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. It certainly doesn’t help that I live in a sub-tropical climate, which frequently means that you’re wearing incredibly light fabrics and doing your best to avoid layering anything warm underneath them.

Ellen is a fan of HookedUp Shapewear and was the one who recommended I try it. HookedUp pieces have a built in system of hooks to let you attach your bra to your shapewear. What this means is that your shapewear gives you a totally smooth appearance and you don’t have to rely on your cup size fitting into a shapewear company’s bra sizes. I gave my HookedUp shapewear (size … ...Read more


Charlotte Bra for full busted sizes 28-40 C-K cups by Parfait Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I was relatively new to the professional lingerie scene years ago when the Charlotte Bra by Parfait released. It was the first truly retro style bra I had seen in my size and I instantly fell in love with it. It was also one of my first lingerie samples, so the whole box showing up at my apartment door felt like a fairy godmother had gifted me with something I didn’t even know existed yet.

Charlotte Bra for full busted sizes 28-40 C-K cups by Parfait Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I’m older now and have changed both apartments and cities, but I still grinned when I saw the newest version of the Charlotte show up on my doorstep. It was like seeing an old friend that I’d lost touch with when I was younger, just in lingerie form. Wearing it around reminded me that the Charlotte is still unique in the industry: it’s retro, it looks huge in the box but great … ...Read more


Ewa Michalak bras for larger busted women on Lingerie Briefs

Years ago Ewa Michalak bras exploded onto the North American lingerie scene through private Facebook communities populated by full-busted lingerie lovers. It was the wild west of bra buying. Group members shared sizing advice and posted purchases. The few members who spoke both Polish and English translated customer service emails and helped compose replies in Polish, allowing purchases to be smoother. Since returning bras to Poland was prohibitably expensive, the community also functioned as a place to buy and sell bras to try them out before you committed to an international purchase.

Ewa Michalak bras for larger busted women on Lingerie Briefscomplements of Broad Lingerie in Toronto photographed by Maxwell Lander

Ewa Michalak bras have started to make their way into North American boutiques, ensuring that customers have ample access to sizing advice as well as easy returns. It’s also provided some of the first serious insights about what the Polish bra market has to offer … ...Read more


Curvy Kate Maya print swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

If there is one thing that I think many curvy women have in common, it’s a fear of actually getting their swimwear wet. Unlike bras, ill-fitting swimwear can go bad in so many ways once it actually hits the water. For many years, buying swimwear that was too big in the band to accommodate your cup size was the norm, which made actually swimming in it fairly impractical. Ever had your top slip back off over your head when you dive under a wave in the ocean? What about fabrics that go totally limp when wet (which is usually when your breasts fall out the top due to lack of support)?

Curvy Kate High Voltage plunge tankini on Lingerie Briefs

Curvy Kate was at the forefront of fashionable full-bust and plus-size bras, so it’s no surprise that their swimwear is ahead of the pack as well. Their youthful take on prints and patterns have transferred over … ...Read more

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