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Elomi Morgan Midnight Garden bra and brief as seen on Lingerie Briefs

I was lucky enough to encounter two versions of the Elomi Morgan recently, which really gave me a whole new perspective on the depth of the Morgan line. The first was the continuity version in Toasted Almond, which I was fitted into at a local boutique when I went in asking for a new beige bra that was pretty rather than practical. The second was at home, when I was sent the latest fashion version in Midnight Garden to try on. Strangely, I’d gone from never having tried on a Morgan to getting extremely familiar with it in a week!

It’s notable that I truly believe that if you put the Midnight Garden version and the Toasted Almond version next to each other and asked an average lingerie consumer what they thought, they wouldn’t know they were the same bra. The fit and feel are classic Elomi, … ...Read more


Scantilly encounter bra and panty on L ingerie Briefs

Every time I browse through my Instagram lately, I keep seeing the same bra. It was made from black mesh with beautiful pink and gold embroidery and seemed to show up over and over again on curvy customers and bloggers. The first few times I scrolled past it, I didn’t have time to see who had made it. It also didn’t have the look of any brand that I was aware of. To my surprise, it turned out to be the newest release from Scantilly!

Scantilly has made a name for themselves by making a huge range of sizes and by picking a look and sticking with it. Scantilly pieces are usually black, featuring sexy cuts and skin baring pieces with a heavy bondage inspiration. It’s still one of the only brands on the market making boudoir lingerie for larger cup sizes. If this segment of the … ...Read more


Hanky Panky Plus size lace bralette on Lingerie Briefs

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m turning 33 soon or because living in a historic house with no closets has changed me, but I’ve found myself thinking a lot about how to create a simple and classic wardrobe lately. I recently did a huge clothing clear out, with a built in reward of replacing some items at the end of it. Instead of going for crazy prints and patterns like I would have several years ago, I found myself drawn to simple and chic pieces that would all work well together – essentially the beginnings of a French inspired capsule wardrobe. Ironically, putting together a classic and high quality wardrobe while being plus sized actually felt like more work than putting together a colorful and quirky one!

I was in the middle of my epic downsizing when a beautiful package from Hanky Panky showed up. It … ...Read more


The Knicker panty as featured on Lingerie Brief

When you’re curvy, buying basic panties can be kind of a trial. All pairs of underwear seem to either roll up, roll down, ride up or just bunch up awkardly at in-opportune times. These factors tend to make many curvy women gravitate towards the lowest common denominator: a pair of panties that sort of fits and that is cheap, knowing they will probably toss them in the trash within six months.

The Knicker, while a new brand, represents true excellence in this category. Several of the Lingerie Briefs staff got samples of this brand. We spanned all ages, sizes and tastes – and all of us fell equally head over heels for these budget friendly panties. Part of this is due to the exhaustive research that the brand did when they developed this new line of basics. They conducted more than 1000 interviews about what women hated … ...Read more


Sugar Candy Crush bralettes up to a G cup

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to the bralette trend. Lots of bralettes have been developed over the years that were aimed at the full bust market, but few made good on their big marketing promises. Until last year, I was fairly sure that some people (like myself) were going to find themselves left out of the bralette trend completely – and I was okay with that. Then, Sugar Candy happened.

Sugar Candy Crush bralettes fit up to an H cup

Ellen has written about the Sugar Candy Original wireless bra before – and I like them so much that I’ve bought two of them. My only complaint was on the style front, so I was thrilled when the brand recently debuted their new Sugar Candy Crush styles.  All of these leisure bras use smart fabric tech and an inner sling system to provide real lift in larger cup sizes, even without wires. This patent … ...Read more

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