Swim Briefs

By Jennifer Cermak

Often over heard from the small-busted customer, the comment: “I have nothing.  -A cup. Can you even help me?” Yes, yes we can. And here is how:

Here are my favorite designers that cut on the curve and offer silhouettes that give an illusion of a fuller bust.

If you want push up:


Seafolly makes one of the best push up non-bra bras in the swim market. This style features underwire with a molded cup and includes a removable push up pad I like to call a cookie. (Because we all love cookies…) Adding shape and boost to a small bust while still covering the under-boob and side boob! (Yes, even an A cup has side boob!)

If you want natural shaping:


Robin Piccone offers the best halter-tops and bandeau tops on the market for the A & B cup bust. Slight curves to the traditional shapes … ...Read more

Your Bikini Days Are Not Over

By Jennifer Cermak


We have been hearing reports that tell consumers not to wear bikinis after age 47. What a load of rubbish. I’ll wear one when I am 80! (& I will still be convincing you to wear one!) After all, wearing a bikini is part confidence, part comfort, and part the right suit.

Every day we have a customer say: “I will not wear a bikini unless it has full coverage, support and does not pinch my muffin top. Also, I need to look like I lost 10 pounds and I do not want a suit that looks too old lady. So, if you have that I will try it.”


That might be a tall order to find in one suit, but thankfully due to the ever-growing demand for fashion forward options that flatter, designers have delivered and here are my favorites for the 2014 resort season.

Carmen … ...Read more

Swimwear 2014 Resort Trends

By Jennifer Cermak


Arriving to stores mid-November, the 2014 cruise collections feature ethnic prints in bold colors like lagoon blue and tropical orange. Purple and lime move into accent colors featured in trims and accessories. And of course, the best bright white and jet black monochrome duo’s hit the shelves just in time for people to purchase a great happy hour suit.

So what is the lifestyle of the cruise customer? Lets break it down into 3 main activities that I hear my cruise customers being excited about.

Sunning– For most of the country a resort vacation is a quick getaway to soak up some sun since home is being dusted in snow and frost. This is a special suit to sit pool or beachside, and tends to push the envelope in trends. It can be any style, but fashion forward is a must.  For 2014 I recommend playing with … ...Read more

By Jennifer Cermak
Cruise season is fast approaching and that means switching gears into 2014 style and trends. I think it is a perfect time to recap Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM. Each show is invite only and features one designer showing in the famed white tent. Some shows I loved. Some shows I did not understand. (Picky, I may be…) Being at every single show is a bit overwhelming, and the shows tend to be focused on the skimpy. Looking back today, here are my two favorite runway presentations:


There is nothing better then sitting poolside with a (Free) drink in your hand and watching a legend of a brand present. Gottex has remained THE brand in swimwear for over 50 years. The 2014 collection is an elegant culture clash, a global approach drawing from Africa to Mexico.


Known for their “Knotty” bottom, this was the only runway show that … ...Read more

By Jennifer Cermak


With many retailers and media markets focused on the junior and surf brand lifestyle swimwear it is no surprise that people over the age of 20 are struggling to find the a suit they feel good in.

Most swimsuit shopper’s head to the mall, where customer service generally isn’t all that helpful. Here they find an assortment selected by buyers that are trend focused, and honestly fringe just looks funny on my 32-year-old self. Sizing is different in each brand, and styles are unrecognizable on a hanger. At this point, most people just settle on the first suit that stays on or they pick a color they want to wear and go. The result? Ill-fitting suits that do not flatter and make the consumer hate swimwear just a bit more.

This summer I did a few on-the-spot makeovers to prove my point and share some style secrets. … ...Read more

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