Swim Briefs

By Jennifer Cermak

With record lows hitting the states in the path of the polar vortex, travel agents are reporting a boost in sales and last-minute vacations. Many of these clients already have a week planned in March or April, but they are calling their local agents saying “Get me the heck out of here” and book a last-minute vacation in addition to their later booked plans. And while my frozen city of Minneapolis is going after a record year of sub-zero temps (it’s -9 right now!), the citizens here are also plotting their escape, and shopping for swimwear.

We get a little jealous selling swimwear to hundreds of ladies lucky enough to break out of the freezer, since they have a reason to wear all the fabulous styles we have in store! It is a fun customer – this spur of the moment vacationer… appreciating mix and match options, ...Read more

by Jennifer CermakPurple-Orchids
Expressive and exotic orchid blooms with confidence and warmth… Purple is a color you cannot quite pass by today – being Pantone’s color of the year, we have seen it pop up everywhere in fashion, interiors, and even home appliances. Purple is a flattering color that is quite easy to wear, as it blends both cool and warm undertones and remains complementary to neutral colors.

I have had purples and plums as a swimwear staple in my store for the last 7 years, even going so far to include hues in my own collections and as special runs just for my store from select designers. A rich purple, as well as a deep green have been my go to non-black basics for years. For 2014, my options seemed limitless when it came to the new trend color. Here is how I pair it:


Diva, a dazzling attention-getter … ...Read more

Be A Swimwear Diva

By Jennifer Cermak


In 1948 Diva started manufacturing swimwear using the know-how of brassieres and lingerie. In the 70’s Diva became a brand known for its elegance, impeccable fit, flattering silhouette, exclusive designs and innovative fabrics in the swimwear industry. The vision is that every lady who wares a Diva swimsuit, should feel like a diva.


The campaign for the 2014 collection is sophisticated and glamorous. You desire that lifestyle – the beach, the sun, the flowers! If you look at the swimsuits themselves, you will see styles that are actually wearable. Each and every one. Yes, we can all be a Diva.

One of my clients said: “I am comfortable with how I look at 65.   I wanted a swimsuit that supported my curves, but didn’t make me feel that I was trying to be 22 again. Diva did that the best!  Suzanne B.”


It is in the details, … ...Read more

By Jennifer Cermak

Often over heard from the small-busted customer, the comment: “I have nothing.  -A cup. Can you even help me?” Yes, yes we can. And here is how:

Here are my favorite designers that cut on the curve and offer silhouettes that give an illusion of a fuller bust.

If you want push up:


Seafolly makes one of the best push up non-bra bras in the swim market. This style features underwire with a molded cup and includes a removable push up pad I like to call a cookie. (Because we all love cookies…) Adding shape and boost to a small bust while still covering the under-boob and side boob! (Yes, even an A cup has side boob!)

If you want natural shaping:


Robin Piccone offers the best halter-tops and bandeau tops on the market for the A & B cup bust. Slight curves to the traditional shapes … ...Read more

Your Bikini Days Are Not Over

By Jennifer Cermak


We have been hearing reports that tell consumers not to wear bikinis after age 47. What a load of rubbish. I’ll wear one when I am 80! (& I will still be convincing you to wear one!) After all, wearing a bikini is part confidence, part comfort, and part the right suit.

Every day we have a customer say: “I will not wear a bikini unless it has full coverage, support and does not pinch my muffin top. Also, I need to look like I lost 10 pounds and I do not want a suit that looks too old lady. So, if you have that I will try it.”


That might be a tall order to find in one suit, but thankfully due to the ever-growing demand for fashion forward options that flatter, designers have delivered and here are my favorites for the 2014 resort season.

Carmen … ...Read more

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