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Helmut Newton 1973 fashion photography on Lingerie BriefsHelmut Newton 1973

I love LOU Lingerie. To me this eponymous brand captures the rhapsody of French lingerie, each piece its own poetic melody. I am thrilled that the design direction has turned back to its heritage for creative inspiration. They have re-birthed their eccentric, modern intimates with their trademark design details. Now, for spring 2017, LOU  brings their unique aesthetic to the swimwear market, launching a collection of luxury bathing suits that are both casual as well as sleek. I chose stripes to tell their story because nothing says comfortable chic quite as well to me. They have been part of the nautical vernacular for time ad infinitum, a critical element of beach fashion. No matter where your swim destination: Palm Beach, Biarritz, South Hampton, the Caribbean, here in Cabo; one could go on, stripes make a bold, clean statement, worthy of these styles.

Ralph Lauren Home and Lou Lingerie Istres Swimsuit on Lingerie BRiefs

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Palm Print two piece bandeau top bathing suit from Fleur of England on Lingerie BriefsFleur of England Swimwear

I flew back to Cabo Saturday night and I am going through a bit of an out of body experience. This is the first time that the transition doesn’t feel like the great escape. I am a bit jet lagged- daylight savings time hasn’t started here yet- and am pretty much in the same frame of mind I left in NY; creatively blocked. For anyone who is a writer, this is not a happy place. Yet, I need to find my mojo, because after 9 years, this blog has become a regularly published entity with a life of its own. Having nurtured 3 children already, I believe that continuity satisfies expectations.

With so many great product ideas recently culled from market research, how do I handle writers block? I do what I have done my entire career, I go to the visual harbor that has always … ...Read more

By KIMBERLY BERGER (Lions Lair Boutique)

Surf Expo 2017 on Lingerie Briefs

Although swimwear isn’t on most people’s minds in the middle of January, that’s exactly what I was thinking about when I attended the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida last week. The trade show that caters to the Surf industry is attended by a variety of swimwear manufacturers and they were eager to unveil the latest styles delivering March and into the summer months.

Nanette Lepore high neck swimsuits on Lingerie BriefsNanette Lepore

Nanette Lepore high neck swimsuits on Lingerie BriefsNanette Lepore

Models stepped out onto the catwalk with a show of confidence and celebration for styles that the industry carefully introduced the year prior. While 2016 had only tentatively stuck in its pinky toe into the uncertain waters of high necklines and high waists, 2017 is diving into their depths with fortitude. We have discovered that a high neckline adds length to the torso and in doing so, achieves a slimming appearance.  Meanwhile, nostalgic cuts of high waist … ...Read more

Swim Briefs on Lingerie Briefs

I’m in a blue state of mind, but luckily for me, I left the country this week for a winter distraction in Paris. The city is full of hidden treasures like this amazing glass dome in the Printemps Department store. Maybe it inspired this season’s trend in swimwear, blue graphics. For those of you still ensconced in the ice and snow that is swallowing up a good portion of North America right now, it might be a good time to escape to a warmer climate. Blue skies and blue water are a salve for the soul. Maybe that is why blue is such a dominant color. And graphic prints  command an appreciation for abstract thoughts. We are focused here on lingerie brands that have applied their expertise in fit engineering to bathing suits that are available up K cups. Why not find some respite. For sure, we all need it!...Read more

On Trend ~ Bandeau Swimsuits

Lise Charmel swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Having just returned to the grey, cold countenance of New York in December, it does seem a bit counter-intuitive that today I am circling in on a swimwear trend. But for many northerners, winter is getaway time and in fact, my home base of Cabo is just beginning its peak tourist season. I never truly grasped the impact that beachwear has on the retail market until I began living in Mexico for a good part of the year. Waterside communities where one moves seamlessly from the sand to the supermarket dictate the fashion. Everything is framed by sun, water and blue skies. The beach is an entire school of taste, style and for me, ideas. I would have liked to have photographed strangers in their swimwear, but I wasn’t up to any push back. So to begin our 2017 swim reveal, I will use what I have from in my … ...Read more

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