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Elomi Sachi strappy plunge bra on Lingerie Briefs

I was going through my Instagram feed the other day when I saw a post by a local friend lamenting the lack of standard bras. “What do you do with all the extra straps? How do you get into them?” she asked. In many ways, I sympathize with her. I try a lot of bras for work and I have been the person consulting promotional images trying to figure out how to get into a five strap bra without choking myself – it’s not fun. I also remembered all the times I have worn my Sachi out with its visible straps and gotten compliments on my dress or my shirt, since most people don’t realize that the two aren’t connected. Not all strappy bras are built alike, so today I’m going to talk about why the Sachi is the perfect strappy bra for those of us who are not necessarily on the bondage inspired lingerie trend train yet.

The Elomi Sachi is notable not just because it comes in Elomi’s classic and unbeatable plunge shape, but also because it’s a bondage inspired bra that uses straps to create a more classically feminine look. Instead of the classic harness profile, the straps create a butterfly effect with a small keyhole at the bottom. I tried both the glittery red animal print version last season and the black version this season, which means I’ve been wearing a Sachi bra at least one day per week. I have never been interested in the strappy bra trend previously, but these bras have made me rethink it.

Callie Thorpe modeling Sachi from Elomi on Lingerie BriefsCallie Thorpe in Sachi

Depending on your interests and lifestyle, it can be hard to wear a full harness underneath an outfit and still dress appropriately. However, the Sachi’s butterfly detail works under almost any outfit most of the time. I’ve worn it under dresses at family dinners and even to a few business meetings with lingerie related clients. Under a low cut dress, it reads as a graphic detail and under higher necked pieces it functions like a piece of jewelry. It’s a bra that can truly transform a basic outfit into something fashion forward and interesting.

None of this would work without the Elomi quality behind it. Elomi spent more time developing their strappy bras than some other companies out there and I think it shows. This bra provides all the comfort and support that Elomi is known for, while transforming a potentially hard to wear trend into something that works with almost any wardrobe and personal style.


Jenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse

On the surface, Jenny Rieu and I don’t have a ton in common. However, as I worked with her on this column this month I began to see that she felt the same way I frequently feel: that working in the lingerie industry had forced her to confront and come to love her body in a way that might not have happened otherwise. Working in the lingerie industry when you’re plus-size can be tough, but it can also be enlightening and powerful – at the very least, it means that you confront ideas about size and clothing access on a daily basis. Jenny is more than a model: her thoughts about the industry and lingerie as a whole reveal a woman who has thought deeply about the issues surrounding diversity … Read more


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Every year, the New Orleans Mardi Gras season starts with the same parade: Joan of Arc rides through the French Quarter on her birthday, while the rest of the moving drama behind her reenacts her life story. The parade happens at twilight, which means that by the time Joan gets to the cathedral the light is just low enough to create a glow around her angelic crown, ermine robe and her gleaming armor. It’s costuming and pageantry at it’s finest, all in the service of one young girl whose conviction and determination changed the world forever more than 600 years ago. Standing in the crowd as Joan raised her sword after it was blessed this year, it was easy to feel like it was all almost real. Costuming has real power, whether in private or as part of a Mardi Gras parade.… Read more


Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

I didn’t really appreciate basic bras when I was younger, mostly because I lived in colder climates where your clothing hid your lingerie choices. Now that I live in New Orleans, I’ve quickly learned to appreciate the flexibility that a great basic bra provides. Weather here can vary wildly in the winter, from the 81 degree day we had last week to the 45 degree days we’ve been experiencing this week. When you’re dressing in layers and dealing with warm winter temperatures, basic bras give you the freedom to not have to think about what lingerie you’re going to wear.

As we all know, not all basic bras are built alike. I had the pleasure of trying out several of Sculptresse’s basic line over the past several months, which gave me a greater appreciation for how much attention and care have gone … Read more

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