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The Truth is in The Numbers!

fit Fully Yours Serena Bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

About a year ago, I started hearing about a little known lingerie company that was making waves in small boutiques: Fit Fully Yours. Boutique owners would bring it in on a recommendation from someone else and almost immediately sell out. They would then re-order and find that the struggle was keeping up with demand rather than selling bras. When Fit Fully Yours came up in my conversations with Ellen, I realized that not only would I get to learn more about them but I might get to try one of these mythical bras for myself.

fit Fully Yours Sweetheart Smooth Bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

But first, I’m going to hand it over to the experts. Several boutique owners that I know keep meticulous sales data, so I asked them … Read more


Charnos Lingerie Sienna Bra to a J cup on Lingerie Briefs

The plus-size lingerie marketed can sometimes feel like it’s dominated by the major players, so it’s fun to occasionally reintroduce ourselves to the plethora of options out there. Charnos Lingerie was one of the first brands that I tried when I was trying to figure out my real lingerie size. I remember liking them a lot, but as I realized I was larger than a G cup I moved on to other brands that get more press. I spent this week wearing a gorgeous Charnos bra in my real size and thinking about how much more I could appreciate it nearly 10 years later. While I liked Charnos bras when I was younger, I couldn’t have articulated the reasons why if someone had asked me. Age and … Read more


Elomi Sachi strappy plunge bra on Lingerie Briefs

I was going through my Instagram feed the other day when I saw a post by a local friend lamenting the lack of standard bras. “What do you do with all the extra straps? How do you get into them?” she asked. In many ways, I sympathize with her. I try a lot of bras for work and I have been the person consulting promotional images trying to figure out how to get into a five strap bra without choking myself – it’s not fun. I also remembered all the times I have worn my Sachi out with its visible straps and gotten compliments on my dress or my shirt, since most people don’t realize that the two aren’t connected. Not all strappy bras are built alike, … Read more


Jenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse on Lingerie BriefsJenny Rieu collaboration with Dita Von Teese Lingerie & Marjolaine through Glamuse

On the surface, Jenny Rieu and I don’t have a ton in common. However, as I worked with her on this column this month I began to see that she felt the same way I frequently feel: that working in the lingerie industry had forced her to confront and come to love her body in a way that might not have happened otherwise. Working in the lingerie industry when you’re plus-size can be tough, but it can also be enlightening and powerful – at the very least, it means that you confront ideas about size and clothing access on a daily basis. Jenny is more than a model: her thoughts about the industry and lingerie … Read more


MariLupa couture lingerie in larger sizes Rachel Kenyon and I met a few years back as a result of the size expansion of Buttress & Snatch, but it quickly became apparent that we were fans of many of the same things in life. We both love old buildings, finding historic treasures in our respective cities and giving vintage things a new life rather than finding new things to create more waste. When the Marilupa Instagram account popped up, I knew that this must be the passion project that Rachel had been working on, even before she sent me the official email about it.MariLupa couture lingerie in larger sizes Couture lingerie for larger sizes is a niche within a niche with only a handful of companies trying it out. “I’ve never felt the very precious and artisanal side … Read more

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