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Bra Genie Store sign in New Orleans Louisiana on Lingerie BriefsAs I drove across Lake Pontchatrain a few weeks ago, I was a little nervous. While I greatly appreciated Bra Genie’s invitation to try one of their bra fittings, it’s rare for me to have a good time at a bra fitting. Years of being fitted into ugly bras as a teenager had made me self-conscious about the whole process. At my first “adult” bra fitting, the fitter had immediately touched my stomach and asked how many months pregnant I was – I nearly burst into tears on the spot. Thankfully, I am here to report that that my avoidance of bra fittings may be over, at least if I can have them all at Bra Genie.

Elomi Plus size Sports Bra on Lingerie Briefs

Bra Genie is one of the largest lingerie boutiques in the New Orleans metro area, both in terms of store size and inventory. Their inventory ranges from band sizes 28 … ...Read more


Prima Donna Eternal Bra and Panty set on Lingerie Briefs

When you work in the lingerie industry, it’s easy to take high quality bras that fit perfectly for granted. We’re all surrounded by the latest and the greatest bra inventions, which means that we tend to forget what great lingerie can do for someone’s confidence and figure. My last two weeks have been full of discoveries regarding Prima Donna and Marie Jo – and how their bras can truly change someone’s outlook on lingerie permanently.

Prima Donna Madison and Deauvill bra and panty sets on Lingerie Briefs

Two weeks ago, Van de Velde and the local Bra Genie boutique got together and graciously invited me out to see the Prima Donna and Marie Jo lines in the flesh. My clients who run lingerie boutiques have raved about these lines for years, but I’d never actually seen any in person. I’ll write more about my Bra Genie experience as a whole as part of another column, but it was thrilling … ...Read more


Freya Fancies black underwire plunge cup bra & Brazilian panty on Lingerie Briefs

When I was a teenager, going bra shopping was torturous. I was a G cup by the time I was in high school, which meant that finding bras required a special (and frequently humiliating) trip to Nordstrom. I loved seeing all of the pretty options in the lingerie department, but that was never what I got. While I drooled over pretty laces and bows, my mother and the fitter decided that I should be put in full coverage beige t-shirt bras. While it was clear there were lots of possibilities for other people who wanted lingerie that fit and was pretty, they didn’t seem to apply to me.

Lingerie has changed a lot since I was in school, and all for the better. One of the new lines that really emphasizes this is the Freya Fancies, which started as a mix and match panty program and … ...Read more


Scantilly Peek-a-boo bra on Lingerie Briefs

Scantilly is one of those brands that seems to cross age, size and shape boundaries. Now that they’re carried in a local lingerie store in my area, more and more of my friends have been picking them up. I’ve been amazed at the variety of people who seem to love the brand, from my 40 year old friend who works in advertising and has become a visible bra strap convert to my vintage fashion loving friends. Scantilly’s strong point of view also allows lots of women to embrace their products, whether they are surreptitiously layering it under their outfits or wearing it as bondage inspired fashion. Even I am not immune: I had the distinct pleasure of being able to buy a Scantilly set in a boutique a few blocks away from my home last year, which was one of the highlights of my lingerie experiences that … ...Read more


Dottie’s Delights is one of those brands that has been on my personal radar for years. I’ve bought several pieces through them and adore their retro yet wearable aesthetic. Notably, they’ve always made pieces in larger sizes as standard, so I was surprised to hear that they recently went through yet another stealthy revamp to make their plus-size range even more friendly to curvier and larger figures.
“Expanded sizing is a great thing to do and not just for “feel good” reasons but also for the increased sales.” says Stephanie Kuhr, the owner and designer behind the brand. She also explains that it was clear early on that demand for larger sizes also meant adapting various designs to fit differently. “Even going back to the early years of Dottie’s Delights, when our dressing robes were first released in 2012 as a “one size fits … ...Read more

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