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Beautiful Bodies

February 17, 2017

By TINA WILSON, Illustrator ~

Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

The Body is everywhere.  You may choose to call it a bodysuit or a teddy. I call it long overdue and I attribute its resurgence to the bralet.  The undeniable consumer embrace of the unconstructed, comfy, wireless bra has given designers permission to take that philosophy further. There is also no better category of intimates so well suited (no pun intended) for wearing “out” than the bodysuit.

There was a time when the bodysuit focus was on wired, controlled, figure enhancing garments worn as much for support and shape as for sexiness, and while they are still a must have for some women, there is a new body being ushered into our lives.

Fashion Illustration by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Some of the stand out examples I saw at the Salon de la International Lingerie last month in Paris were from Body & Clyde, which was all about the young, collegiate “pair it with your jeans” look.  The brand is rooted in the classic white t-shirt of varying shapes and necklines paired with a black brief.  Another favorite was by LYS, a hot new brand (new to me) that combines quality fabrics, trims and eclectic embroidery for a gorgeous clean yet embellished look.  Another striking body was a full coverage black lace number by Paloma Casile, it was just opaque enough to peek from beneath a jacket.  Jolies Momes had a printed floral panty with a sheer lace bodice suit that while it may not be worn out, it would surely be memorable worn for a private audience.  Le Petit Trou had a few sheer tulle and mesh bodies with ruffles, ties and gold findings that were epitome of wispy “enticement wear”.

Long sleeved.  Short sleeved. Functional.  Dysfunctional.  Wrapped.  Cut out.  Harnessed.  Chained.  Printed.  Lacey.  Clean/Edgy.  Soft/Cozy.  Unconstructed or deconstructed, all were worthy of attention.

Which brings me to my contribution to the body movement, a stretch velvet, plunging back and strappy piece I designed for the Chinese E Commerce site 02bra.

Whatever your body, there is a body for you….

Bodysuit designed by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs




Lingerie Francais ~ Paris 2017 Show

January 26, 2017

by TINA WILSON, Illustrator ~

“2.5 days”, that was my response to the immigration guy at JFK when he asked me how long I’d been away. He said that I was very precise and chuckled, deciding my trip was too short for me to have done any major shopping, he ushered me through without the usual luggage search. I broke my record for shortest overseas trip, and what it lacked in time it more than made up for it in pleasure. On my last full day i.e my second day in Paris, Ellen invited me to join her at “Lingerie, Mon Amour” a fashion show given by Lingerie Francais showcasing the biggest French lingerie brands. After a bit of a logistics issue we hopped on the first of the buses and left Porte de Versaille and on to the Pavillion Cambon situated on Rue Cambon, one of my favorite streets in Paris, home of Chanel, the legendary Hotel Castille and a little known bistro named Flottes.

We entered the Pavillion and immediately made our way to the “beverage” table, we discovered we both loathe champagne and asked the bartender if he might have hidden somewhere, a bottle of white wine. We maneuvered through the crowd, Ellen introduced me to some lovely boutique owners and we tried to figure out where to position ourselves for optimum viewing. The signal to sit was given and we dashed to the runway bleachers…. I’d rate our seats at a 7.5 on a scale of 10.

The music started and it was glorious, fourteen suit clad musicians began to play, the violinists being my favorites. There were four “portraits”, all spectacularly choreographed with real dancers, real ballerinas and models with bodies that defied nature. The opening was “Marie Antoinette” and the entrance of the white lingerie, white wig and “cerceau” clad dancers was lovely and carefree, and it only got better. Next were the “Ballerinas” with the perfect bodies I previously mentioned, they lined up at the entrance to the runway “en pointe” and proceeded down the runway tulle skirts in hand. One by one they twirled, arabesqued, plied, and pirouetted their hearts out and we loved it!

We were then treated to “The Look”, which was an all-black, all sexy, display of sensuality covered by a trench coat entrance. The coats did not stay on long and underneath were gorgeous bodysuits, lace slips, bras and panties that were ornate but somehow clean and precise. The finale was The Dandy Girl, another black themed segment in which the girls entered wearing only a tuxedo jacket later unveiled to reveal more sexy, pretty things. The show ended with enthusiastic applause and we all scurried from our seats to find dinner amongst the hor d’oeuvres. I left the Pavillion with all five senses grateful and satisfied and I Ubered myself back to the other side of Seine.



Black is the New Black

January 11, 2017

by TINA WILSON, Illustrator ~

I wear mostly black. Perhaps it is the New Yorker in me or perhaps it is the forgiving silhouette it portrays, whatever the reason, I cannot change. I have accepted this and yet I sometimes feel the need to wear more color.

The other day I had the joy of reconnecting for lunch and a stroll with a dear friend I worked with years ago, someone I don’t get to see enough of. It was a cold clear day in NYC and Chelsea was busier than you would think. After lunch she suggested we hit the Pace Gallery to see the Mark Rothko exhibition in its final days, it was bustling and I was happy. Upon entering the gallery, you saw square upon square of varying versions of black… blueish black, reddish black, purplish black, brown black and combinations thereof. I’m no art critic so I won’t bore you or embarrass myself by trying to describe the beauty.

“It’s like a Donna Karan color card”! I exclaimed to my friend. “What”? she replied. I explained to her that every season I would get a card of swatches from Donna Karan when we were to begin designing for that season. Those colors were gospel, they were to be followed exactly and only those colors were to be used. Often I would receive three or four colors that at first glance all looked like black, and once and only once did I make the mistake of saying that out loud. Donna was the queen of all things black. From her I learned the subtlety of the diversity in colors, especially black, and in lingerie that is of great importance.

Black is sexy, quiet, moody, gloomy, demanding, taunting, cruel, evasive, forgiving and forbidden….by acknowledging that black is not a single color but many shades we open our wardrobe to new possibilities. I love the idea of mixing a blue black bra with a reddish black brief or shades of black embroidery on a black slip dress. All blacks are not the same and each shade can cast a different spell on you.

I chose to illustrate by sketching over photos of the Rothko paintings however sacrilegious that may be.

See more at Tina Wilson’s website: Marronage… A world of design, illustration, storytelling and ultimately escape.



Let it Show, Let it Show, Let it Show

December 27, 2016

by TINA WILSON, Illustrator ~

Tis the season to party, and there is no better time to show off your lingerie without repercussions, the lines of demarcation between what you sleep in, your underwear and evening wear have never been more blurred….so go for it, break the rules your way, have them talking, be confident in your choice and have fun and be sexy.

Wear your cincher over your t-shirt.
Layer your bra over your tank.
Wear your balconette bra with a pair of sleek satin pj pants.
Wear you slip gown with a little cardigan.
Wear your classic button down pj top with a pair of skinny black jeans.
Wear your corset with a big skirt (who cares if it so 80’s).
Turn your little black garter slip into a little black dress.
Layer two satin camisoles in two different colors.
I’m sure you can figure it out!
The best part is… when you get home late at night, you’re already dressed for bed.  

Cheers & …







Tina Wilson began her career in intimate apparel graduating from Parsons School of Design after receiving a full scholarship. While in her first design job at Christian Dior Lingerie she was personally selected by as Head Designer to work on the launch of Calvin Klein Underwear, the legendary minimalist brand he created. Tina was and remains the only designer ever hired by Calvin Klein personally for this position.
Following 4 successful years at Calvin Klein, Tina joined the Josie Natori Company, where she became the designer for the new contemporary division.  After 5 years with Natori, the opportunity arose to be Design Director for the launch of Donna Karan Intimates. Tina was selected by Donna Karan and worked for the licensee Wacoal America for the next 12 years, where she worked intimately with Donna conceiving, fitting, and merchandising her iconic bras, underwear, shape wear, yogawear and sleepwear.
She was the creator of Wacoal’s “Controlfreak”, a new concept of shapewear, designed and fit according to a woman’s body type. It is a patented concept committed to everyday comfort and is the first “custom fit” shapewear brand.
Since leaving Donna Karan Intimates at Wacoal, Tina has worked for the largest privately owned intimate apparel company in America, Komar/Carole Hochman designing many of their intimate brands, among them, Ralph Lauren, On Gossamer, Ellen Tracey, Donna Karan, Betsey Johnson, Oscar De La Renta and Lucky Brand. She is currently an independent consultant and partner in the company Marronage, specializing in fashion design and illustration.
Tina Wilson is a board member of the Underfashion Club, a non profit organization dedicated to awarding scholarships to FIT students in the intimate apparel field. She is known for her personal vision and her commitment to education in fashion.

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