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Exclusive Holiday Cards Illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Today, we are very pleased to introduce our first ever e-commerce venture: an exclusive offer of illustrated Holiday cards by our incredibly talented teammate, Tina Wilson. Many of you are familiar with Tina’s bi-weekly blogs on Lingerie Briefs in which she uses her artistic acumen to sketch her insight into the world of Intimate Apparel. Long respected for her Lingerie designs, Tina’s grasp on the cultural trends that drive the market are always prescient.
Now, you can purchase all 5 of these holiday cards in a package of 10 (2 of each) for $25.00. This is a very LIMITED EDITION. We are testing our waters, exploring potential and determining interest in our reader’s desire to shop her for unique and creative items/ gifts. Shipping in the USA is free. Your feedback is appreciated. Happy Holidays!

Order Tina Wilson Illustrated Holiday Cards

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Discover Your Inner Goddess


Epona - Discover Your Inner Goddess illustration by Tina Wilson

Did you know that you had a goddess within you, perhaps more than one, I didn’t? Not until I attended a fashion and lifestyle seminar given by Trend Union and the ingenious soul that is Li Edelkoort. She spoke of Goddesses; a curated list of powerful and uncompromising women. She spoke of their origins, character, attributes, and their faults. It was inspired, engaging, beautiful, and informative and it gave me the subject of this blog, so I take absolutely no credit for assembling the list of these miraculous creatures, that goes to Li.

After hearing her speak of Nike, Artemis, Persephone, Oshun and others, I tried to imagine what they would wear, beneath or instead of their traditional tunics, armor and pleated column dresses while they waged love and war.

The descriptions of each goddess and the imagery was masterful, I will try to create that … ...Read more


Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Halloween: Alexander Mcqueen on Lingerie Briefs

Halloween. When I came to the decision to dedicate this blog to Halloween I had no idea what the actual subject would be.  It stressed me out for a few days, I only knew I wanted it to be about corsets.  Back when I used to dress up for Halloween, it always involved a corset or bustier.  Nurse with corset, witch wearing corset, genie with corset, the list is long.

One night shortly before the blog deadline I was sitting on my sofa looking for inspiration, sifting thru my coffee table books on Basquiat, the 80’s NYC club Area, Schiaparelli, and Vionnet and then it hit me, and it hit me hard.  McQueen, Alexander McQueen.

Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson for Halloween: Alexander Mcqueen on Lingerie Briefs

Savage Beauty, the exhibit of McQueen’s work haunted me for years. I saw the exhibit three times, twice braving the imposing crowds at the Met and once on … ...Read more

Being A Good Sport Bra


Chantelle Sports Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

We all have to admit the retail world is topsy turvy and what should be… isn’t. Almost nothing surprises us anymore.  Which leads me to my current observation about sport bras.  Technically they are meant to be worn while being “sporty” and the attention they are being given would have me conclude that there are millions of sporty women buying these bras, but I have a slightly different take on it.  I believe many of these bras are purchased with the best of intentions, there are millions of women who aspire to be more active and that’s a good thing, I am one of those women, but I am not as active as I would like to be and when I buy a sport bra I don’t always wear it enough to warrant the purchase…So let’s look at them in a different way.

Let’s also design sport … ...Read more


Simone Perele illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs from Curvexpo

A trio of floating butterflies on each strap…
A statement of profanity worn with pride…
Bits of tulle and lace, raw and exposed and dripping from the frame of the bras…
Multicolored paillettes dangling from a bomber jacket…
Long mesh skirts with laser cut applique flowers….
The details were many, as were the number of vendors vying for attention.

I mean this in the most complementary way; being a designer I have the utmost admiration for the talent and artistry that was on display at Curve recently during a few warm muggy weeks in NYC.

Ellipse illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

There were quite a few notable new brands.  Some were eclectic with combinations of lace, guipure, mesh, and prints like Ellipse, a brand out of South America that had everything from bras to kimonos.  They had no defining brand identity but they did not need one, everything that hung from their … ...Read more

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