By Ellen Lewis

Falke legwear We Care Cotton Touch Program as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Falke brand continues to be a North Star in innovation, always striving for excellence in every initiative on which they embark.  I for one am addicted to the comfort and quality of their socks. Certainly, I have written about them before. Like underwear that exceeds fit and function expectations they do the deed without ever making their presence known. The fact that these styles also attend to social and ecological … Read More



Fashion Illustrations by Tina Wilson of Hanky Panky as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“They don’t care!” The topic was sustainability. That was the response that received unanimous nods of approval from everyone in the room during a recent meeting with a group of people prominent in the intimate apparel industry. To some degree I’m afraid that it’s true. I don’t believe that most customers base their purchases on how ethical and sustainable a brand is, especially with recent inflation driving sales. I would LOVE to … Read More


Tumbler Pure Wool Dryer Balls sustainable laundry solution as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I love these Tumbler™ Pure Wool Dryer Balls gifted to me several years ago from the Forever Group. I tried them, wary of their mission claim “to encourage eco-friendly drying and eliminate toxic dryer sheets.” But always in search of a great product with a terrific backstory, I decided to learn more. I discovered this everyday artisanal product was not only functional but very deserving of a new generation’s attention.  I was … Read More

By Estelle Puleston

Skinswear, sustainable and social conscious lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Sustainability is our main virtue” says Skinswear, although when you read their website, you realize that creating a positive social impact is also at the very heart of the brand.

Its founder is Mathilde Alloin, who studied at various fashion design institutions including Paris’ ESMOD and the London College of Fashion, and who previously co-founded a startup focused on creating made-to-measure bras based on 3D imaging before launching Skinswear on her … Read More


Arí van Twillert: Conceptual Lingerie for the Eco-Conscious as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I first discovered Dutch lingerie (and jewelry) brand Arí van Twillert in December 2019, via the launch of its Water Drift collection. Made from black tulle embroidered with a colorful and ‘blocky’ pattern which reminded me somewhat of Tetris, I was instantly drawn to it based purely on aesthetics. It’s definitely unlike any lingerie embroidery I’ve seen before.

Arí van Twillert: Conceptual Lingerie for the Eco-Conscious as featured on Lingerie Briefs

And there’s a reason for that, as I soon discovered. Each Water Drift piece … Read More

Sculptresse arrival- Karis Full Cup featured on Lingerie BriefsTake a look at the latest Sculptresse arrival – Karis Full Cup, offering outstanding comfort and support without compromising on style. This brand new everyday essential features recycled elements as Sculptresse continues to push for sustainability.

Sculptresse Launches Karis Full Cup featured on Lingerie BriefsOrnate lace top cups and soft stripe fabric set this style apart and create a sophisticated and supportive look for every day wear.  A versatile hazel shade makes this the perfect addition to any lingerie wardrobe. Fully adjustable … Read More


Calida Lingerie Sustainable Nature Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

One cannot speak of sustainability in the world of intimate apparel without mentioning Calida. I have focused on this aspect of the brand’s heritage more than once in this column. They have been an industry force in this domain “long before it was cool” Their credo: “Sustainability should not be a fashion, but a promise” is reflected in its many faceted collections.

Calida Lingerie Sustainable Nature Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The sustainable pursuit is no small undertaking and Calida has … Read More

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