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Prima Donna Ray of Light Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

White…we think of purity, faith, innocence, goodness, even virginity when we think of the color white, white is ingrained in all of us to be an inherently positive color, why?

Opaak bodyusit and Empreinte Cassiopee Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie BriefsOpaak & Empreinte

I’ve been researching colors and their meanings and how they make us feel.  Culturally the meanings can shift, in Asian cultures white is a symbol of mourning and loss, in Western cultures the hero wears white and the villain … Read More


The last few weeks preparing for my daughter’s wedding have been a marathon of related and unrelated events. We flew home from Mexico for last minute preparations only to discover a major leak had capsized our ceiling onto our bed and flooded the floor. Fast forward, I’ve been sleeping on the couch while we maneuver through regrouping our entire bedding situation. Add to the equation: I babysat my son’s dog and my … Read More


NATURAL skin Organic Essentials on Lingerie BriefsNATURAL skin
Organic Essentials

There was a definite uptick at CurvExpo in February. The show was larger, the layout was friendlier and the special events were pertinent to the current cultural shifts impacting the industry. For my part, as a veteran Intimates merchant, it’s still all about product and the social movements that guide its development. I was able to solidify my thoughts on subjects that are driving consumer’s choices, and as … Read More


Kai Resortwear 2019 Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsKai Resortwear

London Swimwear Show

A riot of colour, a plethora of prints & a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon in Marylebone marked the start of the U.K. Show season with London Swimwear Show.

Clearly this show has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and now takes over a large part of the first floor of the elegant Radisson Blu hotel and after spending the day with the creme … Read More


Charnos Baily Bridal Lingerie illustrated Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Spring has finally sprung, I think?  With its arrival comes not only warm days and cool nights but a royal wedding.  Not one to get swept up in celebrity/royalty weddings, I’m a bit more excited this time around, it’s not every day a royal marries an American.  And I love Harry, he’s my favorite.

Since Victorian times, it’s been customary to give the bride to be…a trousseau.  Jewelry, toiletries, makeup even bed … Read More


Curve New York Concepts Forum on Lingerie Briefs

Nothing has changed and everything is changing. The NY Curve Intimate Apparel show was, from what I understand from many of the brands to whom I spoke, with a few exceptions, a success. Of note, from the buyers, the entire vibe was much better, with meaningful seminars, a brand speed dating event that allowed merchants 5 minute intervals with new vendors, and a Concepts lounge that not only gave some smaller brands … Read More


Well folks, I arrived in Cabo late Saturday night. No water, no gas, both cars wouldn’t start. Looks like my friend TIM (This is Mexico) used my house while I was away. But on the bright side: it’s 85° and the desert is resplendent, lush and green. My garden looks wonderful (except that the gardeners trimmed all the flowers off the bougainvillea. They think all gringos like manicured shrubs).  I went riding … Read More

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