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Marlies Dekkers on Lingerie BriefsMarlies Dekkers

Fashion ideas come from so many different places and how they inform design is what makes the creative process so interesting. Sometimes, it’s all about the message. There are so many mainstay businesses that are critical to the retail experience. They are the margin builders. But new direction can keep these essentials fresh. Again, I must reiterate that I did  not see the entire market offer at Curve but I was able to … Read More

COL-CHRISChristine Lingerie

Curve NY was, as always, a 3 day marathon of appointments for me. I missed a few interesting brands and worst of all, lost my notebook containing two full days of notes. Not to worry, resurrection is imminent as I make contact with each company whose input is somewhere in a NYC taxi cab.

Curve is a giant gallery of brands and my preference is to curate trends prevalent to the industry as … Read More


Empreinte Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte

Election years are notoriously difficult for retail stores. This year’s unusual presidential race has been no exception. Combine this with the fact that most women feel far from their prettiest at the onset of bathing suit season, and swimwear retailers really have their work cut out for them in 2016. Fortunately, the swimwear industry has us covered! Their offerings this year include some gorgeous swimsuits to tempt even the most hesitant … Read More

Swim Briefs


A visit to the Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery in Cabo made me wonder if Empreinte’s new swimwear collection could have been inspired by this artist’s spectacular palette. READ MORE Read More

Touchdown Cabo!


If you are reading this, then I have arrived at my home in Cabo San Lucas.  I hope you will all forgive me for my lack of new product reveal today; but having been en route all day Monday, beginning with a 4 AM wakeup call, plus the added diversions last week of travel preparation, unforeseen babysitting duty and the unexpected crash of the Lingerie Briefs website, focus on writing was a challenge. Although I … Read More

Did I mention the color blue was a universal theme at the show?

beth-and-tracy-barbados-empBeth and Tracy Barbados and Empreinte

Final day in Paris and the sun is shining, temperatures are much more comfortable, outdoor cafe’s are bustling and flowers are in bloom everywhere. Spent a little more time at Salon International de la Lingerie before packing up to head back to New York.

swim2Solo Blu, Rebecca Torres & Maaji

More about the Paris shows, fashions, … Read More

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