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Calida Collaboration with Viktor & Rolf Heritage X Sustainability Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It was the last minute of the last day of the last (Feb 2020) Salon de Lingerie show in Paris. I was on the way to the coat check to retrieve my belongings and exit the exposition when I passed the Calida booth and stopped dead in my tracks. It wasn’t the end of show champagne that did it. It was the gorgeous visuals that leaped out at me showcasing the Viktor Read More


I am in awe of the Calida brand, their message, and their incredible merchandising platform. Ever since I first highlighted the The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ I Love Nature t-shirts in 2018, I have become more and more enamored of the superior sustainable programs that the company supports. Calida is an iconic brand, 80 years young, a mainstay of many intimate apparel retailers worldwide. Full disclosure: although, I always valued … Read More


CALIDA I LOVE NATURE compo t-shirt as featured on Lingerie Briefs

As a sportswear buyer in the late 1970’s I have keen memories of the signature Calvin Klein t-shirt that mainstreamed this legendary designer’s collections. This $11.00 style anchored my department’s sales.  The cotton t-shirt was immortalized by James Dean and Marlon Brando in the 1950’s when the actors, wearing basic white, made them larger than life on the Hollywood screen and they became a fashion icon. Flash forward to 2018, this essential … Read More

Curve NY A/W 2024: My Take

By ELLEN LEWISAubade at Curve NY featured on Lingerie Briefs

Without a doubt, the foundations business is a force at the Curve NY show.  It is a showcase of practical, functional, solution based, and fashionable bras and panties. However the prevalence of sleepwear and loungewear, traditional, eclectic, elegant and commercial can not be ignored. There was a plethora of pajamas, lounge pieces and soft support styles all focused on comfort first.

Adding to this mix is the networking element, the extraordinary … Read More

Curve NY: My Perspective

By ELLEN LEWISCurve New York lingerie - featured on Lingerie Briefs

A Brief summary of the Curve Ny show: ENERGY.  For tried and true merchants, there’s nothing better than live interaction, face to face meetings and touching the merchandise. I got positive feedback: satisfied buyers, satisfied brands. Of course, there was some pushback, but how else do we rise to new challenges. Traffic was definitely up. This show was larger than the February show.  The product mix was somewhat eclectic. Barbie … Read More


Lingerie Briefs Salon at Curve NY as featured on Lingerie Briefs

While I intend to showcase visual highlights mined from the Curve NY show, I have a few macro-observations I want to present. As a merchant, I am not only charged with identifying product with sales force, but also, I must sniff out shifts in consumer interest at a visceral level. This is the lingerie trade show where such vibes emerge. It is, by default of space availability, the only venue capable of … Read More

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