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crazysexytipsAre you going crazy in search of that solution or that simple piece of advice after having breast cancer? Well I might just have some helpful tips of interest to you.  A list of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips especially devised for breast cancer survivors or family members to help make life a little easier and comforting.  As a breast cancer survivor of nine years now since 2007, I was in search of inspiration and all sorts of crazy sexy wellness solutions and found some ideas from New York Times best-selling author, wellness activist and friend, Kris Carr.  We met in New York City at a leading women’s entrepreneur event, Ladies Who Launch, where I had been a member for a number of years on end, when I learned about Kris’ first inspiring book and her journey.

5booksandfilmJean Criss with Kris Carr and her publications

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Breast Briefs on Lingerie BriefsHave you ever been worried or concerned about how to continue to be stylish or fashionable before undergoing breast surgery for cancer?  Yes, there are numerous Bras, Sports Bras, Bandeaus, Camisoles and like Lingerie on the market today but I find that each Survivor has a unique situation with a unique needs and fitting requirements.

To preview a list of merchandising options that may be right for you today I’d like to highlight a known brand in the world of cancer.  Better known to many as #CUREDIVA.  We all become Cancer Diva’s once we become a Survivor.  It’s a known fact that we become empowered, educated and informed.  We have to after all because it’s all about healthy breast awareness and wellness.  But what our Top Docs don’t always know is where to help us turn for stylish and fashionable undergarments.  So sometimes it’s best when … ...Read more


Smart Research for Breast Cancer on Lingerie Briefs

I recently attended one of my favorite annual conferences with New York’s #Top Docs on May 3, 2016.  The Breast Cancer Management Conference – Comprehensive Breast Center Program Update sponsored by New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center | Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.  This year’s program update provided the latest in medical research and state-of-the-art breast cancer diagnosis and management, highlighting key advances with a personalized approach to screening, prevention, treatment and survivorship led by Sheldon Marc Feldman, MD, FACS & Dawn L. Hershman, MD, MS, Program Co-Directors.

Emphasis was discussed in the following areas;

  • Improvements in providing precise breast cancer management through enriched understanding of tumor biology and genetics
  • Active areas of the most promising research and clinical trials
  • Updates were presented by the staffs leading radiology, medical oncology, genetics, surgery, pathology, and radiation oncology
  • Survivorship strategies, services and on-going support by the Patient Navigation Program
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There once were three beautiful fairy tale gals namely Cinderella, Dorothy and Alice…and now, in the world of Intimate Apparel, there’s Terry Levine and Clair Keizer, owners of Clair De Lune Lingerie in Kansas City! These iconic storybook figures and their journeys to self-awareness and self-esteem have made an impact on the lives of countless little girls! 

Dorothy, with Toto by her side, was in pursuit of the magical red slippers.  She followed the Yellow Brick Road toward the Emerald City in search of the Wizard of Oz hoping to find her way back home to “normalcy”.  Along the way, she had to overcome many roadblocks, including the Wicked Witch of the West. As breast cancer survivors, that’s what most women do on their journey back to normalcy, overcome obstacles. This begins with undergarments.


It was the same for Alice who followed the White Rabbit into a … ...Read more



Many of my sister survivors have had similar experiences to mine as a breast cancer survivor.  Basically, we have not been thrilled with our post-op experience leaving the OR room in the ugly, utilitarian, uncomfortable bras that we are given to wear.  I know that I am not alone being a ‘newbie’ designer launching in the Intimate Apparel grand marketplace.  Over the past several months, I’ve recently met a few Mastectomy Mates from all around the U.S. and down under.

What is notably the same is our passion to design a product that offers comfort, style and selections for survivors, no matter what phase of post-op you may need.  Take Dana Donofree of Ana Ono who knew nothing fit just right and created a line of wire-free bras, bralettes and sports bras; or the Tan sisters of Sophia Rose who created a line not to compromise on … ...Read more

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