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I’m in a blue state of mind, but luckily for me, I left the country this week for a winter distraction in Paris. The city is full of hidden treasures like this amazing glass dome in the Printemps Department store. Maybe it inspired this season’s trend in swimwear, blue graphics. For those of you still ensconced in the ice and snow that is swallowing up a good portion of North America right now, it might be a good time to escape to a warmer climate. Blue skies and blue water are a salve for the soul. Maybe that is why blue is such a dominant color. And graphic prints  command an appreciation for abstract thoughts. We are focused here on lingerie brands that have applied their expertise in fit engineering to bathing suits that are available up K cups. Why not find some respite. For sure, we all need it!...Read more

On Trend ~ Bandeau Swimsuits

Lise Charmel swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Having just returned to the grey, cold countenance of New York in December, it does seem a bit counter-intuitive that today I am circling in on a swimwear trend. But for many northerners, winter is getaway time and in fact, my home base of Cabo is just beginning its peak tourist season. I never truly grasped the impact that beachwear has on the retail market until I began living in Mexico for a good part of the year. Waterside communities where one moves seamlessly from the sand to the supermarket dictate the fashion. Everything is framed by sun, water and blue skies. The beach is an entire school of taste, style and for me, ideas. I would have liked to have photographed strangers in their swimwear, but I wasn’t up to any push back. So to begin our 2017 swim reveal, I will use what I have from in my … ...Read more

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I know that all my Northern based friends and readers are hunkering down into cocooning season, but here in Cabo the auspicious landscape of sky and ocean remains a calm and cool blue. The impact of beachwear on this lifestyle is as ubiquitous as ever in this seaside homestead. I have gotten into the habit of bathing suit watch whenever I am near the water. Except for my desire to not be intrusive, I find myself wanting to ask every other woman I see; why she chose the suit she is wearing. The variety of styles on Medano beach is quite intriguing.

Amoressa back on track one piece swimsuit on Lingerie Briefs

This, by the way, is exactly what Miraclesuit did in order to define the infrastructure of their new bathing suit brand, Amoressa. Speaking to more than 200 women they have launched a sexy, contemporary collection engineered with the technical expertise for which they are known. Constructed in … ...Read more

This season, Empreinte is taking its inspiration from the sense of joy and optimism that summer brings. We are riding the wave of that good holiday vibe. We are playing with the codes of femininity. We are shaping, lacing and accessorizing in order to create those visual details that enhance the body and gently define a new and original femininity.


The range of colours inspired by the spectrum of sunlight is radiant! An explosion of citrus colours in delicate shades: Lemon grass, Passion fruit and Mandarin with refreshing floral accents. Menthol, Violet and Cornflower moderate the deep Black and the subtle Mist colour. A complementary Foam White brings an additional touch of freshness, elegance and sophistication to the prints.

The fabrics are flawless. The soft, compact, supple and shaping Explosive Xtra life fiber lends itself to delicate finishes and crafted details. Cotton veil pareos and kaftans provide an easy to … ...Read more


Margarita Mermaid Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Admit it, at one point or another in your childhood you fantasized about being a beautiful mermaid.  When I was 7-years-old, I dressed as a sparkling mermaid for Halloween, likely inspired by the hit movie of the time Splash.  My mom and grandma were quite clever creating the costume, using a bright bathing suit of mine as the costume’s base, adding a seashell bra and wrapping my lower torso in green fabric with painted fish scales.  Fast-forward many years later, and once again I am able to dress as a mermaid and it also involves swimwear.  That’s where Margarita Mermaid comes in.  It is a delightfully whimsical brand of swimwear featuring designs inspired by mermaid essentials; seashells, starfish and sparkles.  NYC-based designer Margarita “Mermaid” officially launched her label in 2012 with an Etsy store, and now has a full-fledged website that includes an inspiring collection of … ...Read more

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